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  • On 25 Jul 2014 in Will Dollar Collapse While Wall Street Buys BILLIONS in Real Estate? Read more a, futuresmc said:

    The dollar isn't going to collapse. Too much of the world depends on American military support to allow the nation to suffer hyperinflation to the point where the dollar collapses, at least for the moment. We pretty much pick up the slack so that Europe, Japan, a good portion of South America, etc, can keep a show army and navy to look sufficiently able to defend themselves, but if threatened, the US would take the lead and do 90% of the fighting. This is not to say we won't have another 2008 like panic, we most certainly will, but nothing that will completely undo the dollar any worse than the other big currencies.

  • On 23 Jul 2014 in NYC apartment building to have seperate door for the poor, futuresmc said:

    wave9x says

    Carolyn C says

    What about the kids that have to go to and from school through the alley. What kind of danger will the kids be exposed. Just so a couple of self absorbed pigs can feel elevated. Discusting!

    Oh god, playing the "poor innocent children" card. If a woman is poor, gets knocked up, and has a baby, that is her problem. It doesn't give her the right to a penthouse suite in Trump Tower.

    Sorry if the idea that poor kids exist in NYC offends you, but reality is sometimes offensive. However, there was no surprise for the developer. Remember, he KNEW he had a deal to build affordable housing units. He signed that deal. The people who voluntarily buy the higher end units knew there would be lower income people in the building. Now he wants to change the plans and add a poor door. Where does he get off promising one egalitarian design and then delivering another, yet still getting all the goodies he's getting for including the affordable housing? Your stereotypical assumptions about the nature of 'low income' people aside, this is a case of a rich developer trying to pull a fast one on taxpayers, an overage person would never get away with. If the initial promises were made with a common entrance, then they need to remain that way and the wealthy should have to suck it up.

  • On 23 Jul 2014 in Increased worker productivity will make up for demographic changes, futuresmc said:

    indigenous says

    This problem is more justly and efficiently handled if the government stays out of it. People do what is best for them without any help from the overlords.

    Technology and about 40 million immigrants and dwindling resources will play a part in the future.

    But it will be worse if politics interferes.

    Small government = oligarchy. This has been the lesson of the past 40 years, irregardless of good intentions. A well proportioned government provides adequate checks and balances and enforces the rule of law, which is why oligarchs hate it. What you're proposing is handing complete control of government over to a tiny minority whose best interests lay in siphoning as much wealth as they can for themselves and making life unbearable for the rest.

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