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  • On 31 Mar 2014 in Obama Says The Constitution Is Out Dated- International Law Is Supreme, United N, futuresmc said:

    SoftShell says

    Say Hello to the Declaration of Socialism, worldwide edition.

    Do you even know what the word 'socialism' means?

  • On 30 Mar 2014 in Some Thoughts On The Best Way To Die, futuresmc said:

    Personally, I'd prefer quick and unawares. Perhaps being blown up in a massive explosion without ever realizing I was in the slightest danger.

  • On 26 Mar 2014 in Old people now aligned with Republican Party, futuresmc said:

    tvgnus says

    Seniors move from reliably Democratic to reliably Republican •  They are racially distinct from other age groups They may be a bit crotchety if you walk on their lawns, but there are more of them than ever before and thats shifting part of the U.S. political landscape.

    I'm not so sure this will remain constant. Remember, the Boomers are now living with their kids and even those that don't share an address get along better with them than previous generations. When they see their kids leave their 20's still struggling with student loan debt and it finally hits them that Junior will never be able to buy a house; when they realize that their daughters are past their reproductive years and won't give them grandchildren, not by choice but because their financial situation never permitted them to have kids; when they reach retirement age and start feeling the years, only to understand that they can't retire and may never be able to, then they'll turn on the Republicans. Right now the Boomers are still just a tad too young to appreciate the hell that's coming for the American dream. In a few years all bets will be off.

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