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  • On Fri, 27 Nov 2015, 3:49am PST in Update from ECBB, EastCoastBubbleBoy said:

    @BayAreaObserver We went with GAF... they had a Natural Shadow line that blended well with the natural contours of the house. We also looked at IKO, which is a bit cheaper since your not paying for the GAF name, but they didn't have any colors that did anything for us. Contractor let us buy the materials direct, which saved us a few bucks.

    Ice shield is a must, at least up here in the northeast. Make sure they are also going to reflash around any chimneys. My quotes were literally all over the map - the highest guy was more than 2x the lowest guy... but most came in over $10k on account of the house being a good amount of roof. I'll have to see if I can post a picture of the finished product.

    @Tenpoundbass Good for you man! I'd love to pay my house off that quick - but heck, I'm happy if I can get my 30 year loan paid in under 20, that way we have the house clear before the kid goes off to college (if that's what happens). Up here. Insurance isn't that bad, but taxes are crazy. Thankfully, we argued down our assessed value after we closed, and actually got a reduction in taxes right out of the gate. They are creeping back up, but not unmanageable yet.

  • On Mon, 23 Nov 2015, 9:29pm PST in Update from ECBB, EastCoastBubbleBoy said:

    Time for my (almost) annual update for anyone that cares. I still lurk, don't post much (obviously) but do hope that all of you find yourself in a good place this holiday season, wherever that place may be.

    Hard to believe we're 3 years into our 30 year loan, which is still on track to be paid off early (knock on wood).

    As expected we needed to put a new roof on this year - but we knew that vis a vis the home inspection we had before closing.
    We finally put in a small garden - what an adventure that was. Plenty of tomatoes, a few ears of corn, but not much else. Hopefully next years crop will be better.

    No complaints otherwise. House has allegedly appreciated a bit since we bought it.... but most of the stuff near us on the market is slow to sell so it's hard to gauge (not that it really matters since we're not planning on moving - we bought for the long haul).

    All said we made a good decision - but for anyone who was reading my posts thought the process, it wasn't easy and certainly I (over) analyzed every detail.
    I'd love to say I had great timing due to all of the insight I gleaned here through the years... but I'm not to proud to admit I flat out got lucky.

    Safe and happy thanksgiving to all!

  • On Mon, 16 Nov 2015, 5:51pm PST in I'm Literally At The Bottom Of The World!!!!!, EastCoastBubbleBoy said:

    I think the south pole is the true bottom. but congrats on getting out there and living life! Have fun and safe travels.

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