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humble, self-depreciating, and damn good looking!

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  • On Fri, 17 Jul 2015, 6:40pm PDT in What should you pay for a house?, EastCoastBubbleBoy said:

    my other observation is that at least in my area once you get beyond a 2 bdr place, most 3 bdr plus rentals are people who are underwater and trying to cover their monthly nut... so the leap in rent to go from the place I was in to a place with more space would have been significant... but as with real estate we're talking about ASKING rents... not what they actually pull down once the contract is inked.

    In short, we made out OK... not a great steal, but probably a fair deal given where the market was. anecdotally, the place I was renting in raised the rent significantly after we left... as with most things timing is everything. a little bit of luck never hurts either.

  • On Fri, 17 Jul 2015, 4:43pm PDT in What should you pay for a house?, EastCoastBubbleBoy said:

    I went with price per ft2.
    My payment (including taxes & insc.) was a bit 2x what my rent was... but the place was 2x as big plus land.... also rents went up at the place I was, while our taxes went DOWN since we fought the assessed value.

  • On Tue, 7 Jul 2015, 7:27pm PDT in I should have gone into computers...., EastCoastBubbleBoy said:

    zzyzzx says

    I got tired of being unemployed or about to be unemployed all the time

    As an EE I'm surprised staying employed was such a challenge. Thankfully I have 15+ years (more or less) fully employed. Also two P.E. licenses to cover areas I've worked in. Don't get me wrong, I'm not crying poor - I just think that there's a disconnect between what I'm earning and what I could be earning (long term) if I switch gears. I'm not quite ready to go back and start over from square one - but the idea does have some merit. If nothing else it's a good plan B... or perhaps plan C as I could always strike out on my own as a consultant given my wide range of experience.

    How IS the job market for engineers these days? I really have no feel for what's really out there and I don't trust much of the salary data that's out there. (I read it on the web... it has to be true!)

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