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  • On Sun, 30 Aug 2015, 6:13pm PDT in If it all hits the fan..., EastCoastBubbleBoy said:

    Patrick says

    Economic disasters are fairly frequent, so you can learn from watching what people actually do in them.

    Good point.History often repeats itself.

    Patrick says

    They put dollars in banks in Uruguay, just over the border. Perhaps illegally, but out of reach of their own thuggish government.

    They owned rental property, and used AirBnB to make income from foreigners.

    They moved to Spain or other places where the economy was more stable.

    I'd love to own rental property... but I missed the boat on that for now (at least in my general area). Parking some money overseas might not hurt (although it's not like I'm swimming in cash). Moving out of country would be the nuclear option. Not exactly on my radar screen. If it ever gets that bad, I suppose people will get creative and do what they need to do to carry on.

  • On Sun, 30 Aug 2015, 6:04pm PDT in Are we being too bearish on housing?, EastCoastBubbleBoy said:

    JasonM says

    Yep. Few here in 2015 will admit it, but if they had a time machine they would love to go back and beat the shit out of their 2012 selves for being way too bearish and missing the boat completely.

    Thankfully, I bit the bullet and bought at the end of 2012. I skipped right over the "starer" home/condo and got a place that will meet our long term needs for years to come (barring any unforeseen events). So far, it's been a good decision. I got a fair price and yes, luck had something to do with it. (It was a foreclosure, and for those who have read my other posts know it was a two year ordeal).

  • On Sun, 16 Aug 2015, 3:48pm PDT in Commercial and/or rental properties, EastCoastBubbleBoy said:

    ditto.... perhaps we'll just have to wait for the next downturn and be ready when it comes along.

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