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humble, self-depreciating, and damn good looking!

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  • On 21 Nov 2014 in I'm liquidating all my stocks and going to cash, EastCoastBubbleBoy said:


  • On 16 Nov 2014 in 4 years since we bought!!, EastCoastBubbleBoy said:

    not to hijack the tread, but I too am coming up on the anniversary of my house purchase. (I still lurk around here, but I don't post as much.)

    I'm certainly glad I did what I did when I did, but there's a certain give and take that goes beyond the numbers.

    Here's my take, for whatever its worth.

    1) I got what I felt was a "fair price" which means most of my friends / neighbors / colleagues feel that I got a screaming deal

    2) Maintenance is expensive. I knew this going in, but it's still a big line item in my budget. The good thing is many of the capital projects (roof, siding, appliance upgrades) will last

    3) I bought below my means, and pay extra when I can. I sure as heck am not going to have this loan for 30 years.

    4) I got flat out lucky with the interest rates.

    5) My taxes are actually LOWER than when I first moved in (I challenged the assessment)

    6) The $/ft it was about the same as renting back when I bought. (see #1) but the extra space was (for our family) much needed.

    7) I ran into an older neighbor... seems the apartment companies jacked the rent substantially higher than the nominal 3% to 5% increase they'd typical get. Looks like I got out just in time. Again, dumb luck on my part.

    8) but having to pay for my own heat still sucks

    9) The cost of heating has been steady over the past two winters, and I do have other options to get my cost down lower if I make the up front investment

    10) I love the yard and the privacy that my location affords me.

    Buying isn't for everyone, but in some cases, it does turn out OK.

  • On 15 Jul 2014 in Thinking of quitting my job..., EastCoastBubbleBoy said:

    What's the worst that can happen? What's the optimal outcome? What's the probability of either occurring.

    If your OK with that (and your wife is on board) go for it. Otherwise, stick it out a bit longer.

    Nothing wrong with going you own way, but it ain't all roses and unicorns.

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