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  • On 18 Apr 2014 in It's not the fed, tr6 said:


    I admire your position on income inequality, but you are being intellectually dishonest if you don't think that the Fed has enabled the income inequality to continue. For example, if the Fed did not conduct operation twist starting in 2011 and substantially lowered long term interest rates, by now now there would have been a lot more pressure to raise taxes on wealthy and capital to reduce the budged deficit. Is that what we need?

  • On 18 Apr 2014 in Five groups that lie about the housing market, tr6 said:

    By the end of the year, Fed will have 5T on its balance sheet. How much is that? At 376K median price for California, it's enough to buy 13.2 Million homes. Yes, enough money has been printed to buy all houses in California at today's prices.

    Does everyone really think that 5T on the Fed balance sheet will not have negative consequences on the quality of life in the future?

  • On 16 Apr 2014 in Apples's offshore tax shelters, tr6 said:

    SFace says

    Apple made 1B in Brazil, but due to some protest, 300M gets eaten up by uncle Sam and auntie Sally for money earned in a market that is 5K miles away from DC

    Why do you think both Apple and Samsung can do business in Brazil without serious risk to their investments? The answer: US military presence all around the world. Someone has to pay for it. If you don't take it from corporations, then you have to take from individuals.

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