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  • On Sat, 21 Nov 2015, 1:36pm PST in AMA calls for drug advertising ban, tr6 said:

    curious2 says

    Thanks tr6, but I don't see much hope as long as the industry runs both major parties and is the largest sponsor of the evening "news" pipers, calling the tune

    Agree. The biggest reason to keep insurance is get "negotiated rates" which are often 80% less than the list price. Without insurance, it's nearly impossible to negotiate with certain providers such as Quest or big hospitals

  • On Sat, 21 Nov 2015, 11:28am PST in San Francisco real estate looking like it did before dot-com crash in 2000, tr6 said:

    People eventually will get tired of traffic on 280. It was not even close to this bad in 2000.

  • On Sat, 21 Nov 2015, 7:17am PST in AMA calls for drug advertising ban, tr6 said:


    at some point you should start a thread to discuss the current state of healthcare and the future of ObamaCare. It would be good to get homeboy back in here and see how most of his arguments were BS. Our small business "effective" premiums jumped over 20% this year (8% premium increase and 30% out of pocket max increase from 10K to 13K per family). However, i talked to some larger companies and they are not seeing the same premium increases. On exchanges most plans have seen effective increases of 10-15% (higher premiums and higher out of pocket). It appears that subsidies only jumped 6-8%

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