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  • On 24 Oct 2014 in Who does not want Califonria Prop 45 to pass, tr6 said:

    I am surprised at the number of fliers that I got in mail. I don't think I've seen anything quite like this for any other proposition or candidate.

  • On 23 Oct 2014 in Middle Class Wealth Gone!, tr6 said:

    iwog says

    Taxing a rich person and selling a bond to a rich person looks exactly the same to the federal budget.

    No, it does not. Bond has to pay annual interest which adds up even at 4% for a 30 year treasury. On the other hand the money that's taken in as taxes could be loaned to "students" to make 8% a year.

  • On 21 Oct 2014 in Middle Class Wealth Gone!, tr6 said:

    iwog says

    Because Obama was not able to change the Bush-Reagan tax code.

    Obama could have let Bush taxes expire, but instead he negotiated with Republicans and did not get anything in return. It tells me that he was afraid to raise taxes at the time.

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