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  • On 21 Oct 2014 in Middle Class Wealth Gone!, tr6 said:

    iwog says

    Because Obama was not able to change the Bush-Reagan tax code.

    Obama could have let Bush taxes expire, but instead he negotiated with Republicans and did not get anything in return. It tells me that he was afraid to raise taxes at the time.

  • On 21 Oct 2014 in The implications of being right about stocks, tr6 said:

    iwog says

    If we don't get a 20% correction by January then it's possible that a stock market bubble isn't going to materialize

    Or we will get a bubble without a bear trap, and you will have start believing into Fed intervention.

  • On 17 Oct 2014 in Irony of the Day: Yellen Moans About Income Inequality; 7 Things that Cause Ineq, tr6 said:

    iwog says

    "Fed fed fed, fed fed fed fed fed fed fed. FED fed fed fed fed fed fed fed, Bernanke, fed fed fed fed fed fed fed fed fed fed fed fed fed fed.

    It's chicken and the egg problem. I believe that Fed targeting asset prices helps cover up the structural tax revenue problems. If the asset prices were not driven up so high, we would have been forced to raise taxes on the rich already.

    I know. You are going to say that Fed does not drive asset prices but nothing is that black and white. Asset prices are driven by having too much money in rich people's pockets and the Fed loose monetary policy.

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