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  • On Fri, 27 May 2016, 3:42pm PDT in The Gender war and total chaos, Indiana Jones said:

    Getting a foreign wife to worship you does not make you a red pill man. You are still a slave, a "battery" as the movie you quote so often demonstrated. Nothing changes. Now you just have a more subservient female to lord over, just as the powers that be lord over you. Getting some foreign women who is more subjugated by the inequalities and injustice of the Western economic and political paradigm, is like getting a band-aid for a severed artery. In the movie, did Neo get a foreign-born wife? No, he wanted Trinity, a kick-ass, tougher than most men, American woman. And the two of them together changed and saved the world. To further the analogy - your role is more like Cypher - just put me back in the matrix, and make me someone important.

    iwog says

    You don't get to go back once you've taken the Red Pill. No one does.

  • On Thu, 19 May 2016, 10:39am PDT in What do 30 years of For Rent ads in SF mean, Indiana Jones said:

    Rent control is absolutely a factor in rents rising. Look at the chart - rent is basically horizontal until 1979 where is starts its steeper ascent. Advertised rental rates do not accurately reflect actual rental rates because some pay very low due to rent control and some pay very high rates. Rent control limits movement and inventory. Owners keep their property off the rental market rather than get a tenant in that will be next to impossible to evict. In SF if the tenant lives there over 5 years and pulls a disability card you may as well not even try to evict, or be willing to buy them their next house, that is how much it will cost you to buy them out, if you are lucky. Much safer to keep empty or use as a vacation rental only.

  • On Sat, 14 May 2016, 11:03am PDT in California Tax Revenues Miss Projections By $1 Billion, Indiana Jones said:

    Ironman says


    These were coming regardless of any minimum wage hike.

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