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  • On Wed, 19 Aug 2015, 2:29am PDT in Huge study proves women are more violent than men in marriage, Indiana Jones said:

    Wow. It's surprising. You are actually blaming women for causing wars and on top of that blaming them for not ending wars. Amazing logic, I have to say. I don't want to believe this site ihas become contaminated with such levels of hatred and fear, but it's true. And sad.

  • On Mon, 17 Aug 2015, 10:26pm PDT in Just another rape thread, Indiana Jones said:

  • On Mon, 17 Aug 2015, 11:24am PDT in Just another rape thread, Indiana Jones said:

    Some Iwog comments on women...

    A Sampling from 2013

    "Women are genetically self-centered. Their biology demands it and short of genetic engineering, (and an impossible societal realization) they will always be like this:

    Where men fit into the picture is that they are really good at providing stuff and survival. Men are coveted because a woman, who again is focused on herself and nothing else, can incorporate him into her ego and will be enhanced by him.

    Now in Western society we give women the illusion of self-sufficiency, which in turn gives women the illusion that they don't need men, which results in completely broken relationships. Absent the need for food, shelter, and protection, women will ONLY care about their one remaining need which is reproduction by the best possible sperm donor.

    The best possible sperm donor is almost always a sociopath who is very proficient at getting women pregnant but nothing else. LITERALLY nothing else since the selection criteria at this stage is so focused on a reproductive numbers game that other activities, such as obtaining food or money or shelter is a waste of resources.


    Young pretty women are sold a gigantic lie that they can be competent capitalists who can conquer the world.

    In reality they are often promoted so the boss can get a better look at her tits and thrown off the corporate ladder when they aren't fun to play with anymore. I know it sounds incredible, however modern technological America makes most office jobs idiot proof to the point where anyone can do them, and rich men like having pretty employees. This is while America's colleges are saturated with 40-something single women. This is why the recession hit men the hardest while young women were still able to find jobs.


    I think the goal should be to treat men and woman equally under the law. Then many problems will sort themselves out.

    1. No child support orders without marriage under any circumstances.
    2. Financial support is voluntary and a decision to be made by men at birth, just like women enjoy today.
    3. Eliminate no-fault divorce in every state.
    4. Rape convictions in the absence of corroborating evidence should be made illegal. It is not possible for a he said/she said trial to result in "beyond a reasonable doubt" no matter how credible the woman's testimony.
    5. Women making false rape accusations should face the same penalty the man would have faced had she been successful.
    6. Rape shield laws protecting a woman's identity should be abolished. The right to face one's accuser is a right as old as civilization.
    7. Rape between a man and his wife should be outlawed. Rape is a special class of battery that involves lack of sexual consent. There has been an implied consent in marriage for thousands of years. Forcible rape within marriage can still be tried as battery.
    8. All forms of "consent" rape should be abolished. This includes a woman willfully getting drunk or drugged and consenting to sex.
    9. Denial of sex within a marriage is not only grounds for divorce, but grounds for a finding of fault and penalties.
    10. Presumption of women being the custodial parent should be abolished for children over 6.
    11. The age of consent in all states should be lowered to 16 and the age of consent to marry with parental endorsement should be lowered to 14.
    12. Prostitution should be legalized as it is in most of the world.
    13. Pretend cyber-sex with a 40-year old man pretending to be a 15-year old horny girl should be decriminalized and Chris Hansen should be castrated.
    14. Any form of presumption that a man might be a pervert in the presence of children will be abolished. Men will no longer be denied access to Legoland, removed from sitting next to children on airplanes, or locked up for taking cute nude pictures of their daughters. They will enjoy the same protected class status as women. I think the epidemic of female pedophile teaches has proven that this discrimination is pointless and stupid.

    This nightmare to the modern feminist would only take is back to around 1960. I would suggest that further societal changes would be necessary however at least men would then be considered equal under the law instead of scapegoats for all the destructive behavior women are responsible for.

    and finally, the women are not useless statement:

    Yeah I'm not on board with the whole "women are useless" nonsense. I'm not a misogynist"

    Do any of you Modern Male Victims of Feminism wonder why there are no posters on this site who claim they are women except Elliemae and TurtleDove? (who barely post anymore) They are GONE DADDY GONE! The woman bashing is pretty bad. Shockingly so. Really.

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