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  • On 1 Feb 2015 in Ground zero for dead children, Indiana Jones said:

    Just because a M.D. spends half their life in medical school, it doesn't mean they know more about your own body than you do. Medical school is a training ground slanted towards the use of pharmaceuticals and invasive procedures like surgery. Allopathic medicine is wonderful if you are in an acute crisis and your need surgery or heavy drugs-- basically keep you from dying. Western or allopathic medicine is not so spectacular with preventative health or wellness. This is where holistic medicine can be very helpful. The possibility of having strong immunity to fight a disease without vaccinations is a possibility, remote I admit in our day and age, but theoretically possible.

    What any person puts into their body needs to be left up to the individual or their parents. If mandatory vaccinations occur, individuals will lose their rights over their own body. And what if the use of vaccines falls into the wrong hands? Do you trust your government that much?

  • On 31 Jan 2015 in Why religion (particularly Christianity) is vile, evil, narcissistic & dangerous, Indiana Jones said:

    The biggest bully wins, for now. Jump on now the kicking train while Marcus is still down!

  • On 31 Jan 2015 in Beijing-based Xiaomi is fast emerging as the Apple rival to watch, Indiana Jones said:

    Apple is an American owned company. Big difference. It is possible Xiaomi is just being produced in China and is owned by foreigners, like Apple. Otherwise, there will likely be quality issues and it will not be able to compete over the long term.

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