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  • On 20 Apr 2014 in The Alienation of Work, Indiana Jones said:

    What you are talking about are horrific forms of dictatorship in Pol Pot and Stalinism. This is about the people themselves having the power, which is why there are many smaller communities, and people working together within the community for the betterment of that community. Betterment does not mean profit. These communities are connected to others making a network throughout the country or world.

    Those people who cannot reign in their greed or need for control will necessitate restraint in some manner. They cannot participate because they will destroy this type of system. Maybe they can be placed together so they can terrorize one another. These people are sociopaths, and this system can not work with sociopaths involved on any level.

    I believe that because our current systems worldwide are run by sociopaths, with a few exceptions, the system is flawed and brings out the worst in us humans. Greed, envy, lying, victimization, selfishness, etc. If the new system is set up to empower the individual within the context of contributing to the well being of the community and by extension everyone else, then what can be brought out is the flip side-- care for others, generosity, honesty, equality, integrity, respect for others, etc.

    In early cultures, they would not tolerate a sociopath/psychopath in their community. Once it became clear that they were dealing with this type of person, the community would banish them.

    As far as the robots: Are we seriously going to just roll over and let the machines take over the damn place? Come on, I know you've all seen The Terminator! If you follow the logic, either we will become slaves to the machines or obsolete. If AI happens, what use are humans?

  • On 20 Apr 2014 in The Alienation of Work, Indiana Jones said:

    Obviously, I can't be the only one with this belief; it doesn't work like that. This is a group effort, might I even say a "collective" effort. All persons involved must have basic understanding of the concepts.

    BTW, comparing the personal sexual space of one human being with the resources of this earth just doesn't equate. Besides being in very bad taste.

    "If you truly believe there is no scarcity, can I move in your house this weekend? and help myself to, not only your food and clothing, but also your sexual charms? There is no scarcity, right? Why doesn't your husband share every piece of info with me, about YOU! including hands-on experience!

  • On 19 Apr 2014 in Corrupted Capitalism and the Housing Crisis, Indiana Jones said:

    Comparing the system we have now to fascist systems masquerading as communism is really no comparison. (China, North Korea, Soviet Union, etc.)

    Just because this is the "best system" mankind has had since we can remember, does that not mean we can't make a better system? Our system existed on the lie of capitalism/free markets and has slowly disintegrated into something that more closely resembles fascism.

    The "If it ain't broke, don't fix it mentality" is further away from fixing the "democractic" and "capitalistic" society than if you could turn your self around a bit and admit the system is broken. It is inherently unjust and does not represent the vast majority of humans.

    All systems that has existed so far in this world have always bettered an elite group, whatever name you give it. Right now we are seeing that dynamic accentuated. So you are right, Cuba and China do not have a better model than the USA. But this ain't working so well either. Who has a better system? No one, yet. We have to create it.

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