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  • On 25 Nov 2014 in Sexism is Innate, Indiana Jones said:

    Reality says

    Can be done for $1000/mo stipend on top of room, board and car. Heck, can get sex too if the rate is raised to $2000/mo on top of room, board and car. Can probably rotate every 5 years: 20-25 year-old's only!

    Right. Besides having and raising your children and having sex with you, here are some other jobs that women do for FREE within the family, depending on the women's skill set. Includes acting as a bookkeeper, personal shopper, fashion consultant, interior decorator, meal planner, personal chef, maid/cleaning service, personal assistant, counselor, etc. I could go on. How much does it cost for these services over a years time?

    Most women don't want your damn money, guys. From reading these posts on Patnet you'd think there were desperate women everywhere just waiting to pounce on any man driving a Lexus or better. Please. What they want is to be appreciated. They want you to share with them what you have as they share with you what they have. Most women do not make as much as men (another discussion) -- I know there are exceptions, but this is the reality. So they may not have oodles of money to share with you, but they give you their inanimate gifts of time, energy and love, which benefit and enrich your life in ways dollars never will.

    Selfishness attracts selfishness -- what you give you get.

  • On 24 Nov 2014 in Sexism is Innate, Indiana Jones said:

    lostand confused says

    Meg Whitman , Sarah Palin all have my respect-but that whore in Oklahoma who thinks 1 billion dollar is not enough for being married to someone is just what the modern feminist has come to represent.

    Do you have kids? Raising just one child is a full-time job. More than a full-time job as it is round the clock. If a man wants just one child and doesn't have a wife to have the baby and take care of the child, here are minimum associated costs:

    Female Surrogate to carry and have the baby: $60,000.00
    Live-In Nanny Salary per year : $60,000.00
    60,000 X 19 (18 years of child rearing plus surrogacy) = $1,140,000.00

    The costs go up for more than one child, and if you want an educated Surrogate or Nanny.

    Reminder to Men: Women do all of this for FREE in a marriage. Because they love their husband, and love their children. But this is UNPAID. Especially if the couple made a choice to have the woman be a full-time caregiver, then it makes sense she is compensated for her contribution to the marriage and raising of the family.

    lostand confused says

    Powerful people are going to attract many mates-deal with it or go marry a bus driver.

    So, it is okay for powerful people to commit adultery? We should just expect that?

  • On 23 Nov 2014 in Sexism is Innate, Indiana Jones said:

    Patrick says

    the "bias" in barbies and violent video games was put there by the children themselves. sure, companies are pandering to basic instincts the same way they pander to the desire for sweet and fatty foods, but no kid ever ate a salad because he wanted to. kids understand donuts the same way they understand these toys - instantly, without instruction from anyone.

    Yes, I agree with you that kids will instantly respond to these toys.

    Yet, just like sweet and fatty foods, is it right to let children indulge in these without limit? Just as we don't let children drink soda pop and eat candy bars all day, is it not the responsibility of the preceeding "adult" generations to teach the next generation of something more than just their lower, base nature, which is what these games and toys pander to?

    Reality says

    Kids by definition do not create Qualified Demand by themselves, because they do not have money. They only express a Want driven by their own subjective preferences.

    Yes, I agree. Who are actually purchasing these products? It is the adults. Blaming children who often have way too much exposure to marketing that is over-sexualized and fear-based is a cop-out. I don't think some adults want to hear this, but it is the adult's responsibility to raise the child, not the child's responsibility to raise him or her self. Hello. This includes not only parents, but grandparents, relatives, teachers, coaches, friends, neighbors, etc.

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