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  • On 7 Aug 2014 in California drought: 'May have to migrate people Out', MMR said:

    Other than healthcare, what other jobs are there in Baltimore? It seems like areas like Canton are trying to encourage more people to move back into the city but how many jobs are there to drive growth and encourage.

    Baltimore is not as bad as detroit but there are a ton of vacant buildings from the inner harbor to mount vernon, for example.

    That's why I am always concerned about the possibility of becoming another Detroit. While I don't think it will drop that far, I don't see any real plan or vision to diversify the economy there.

    zzyzzx says

    They way Democrats have been running Maryland, it's bound to become another Detroit eventually. They just chased another 300 jobs out of the state (they went to Tennessee).

  • On 6 Aug 2014 in Coconut Oil, is there anything it can't do?, MMR said:

    I eat it, I use it for oil-pulling and it has helped keep me cavity free for several years now. I use it with coffee sometimes as a pre-workout boost or I use kerrygold grassfed butter. Coconut oil is good source of medium chain triglycerides which burn quick like carbs but more bang for the buck

  • On 5 Aug 2014 in British official quits over "morally indefensible" Gaza policy, MMR said:

    No, a secular solution would be better.....is Iran really much better under the mullahs than under the Shah?

    lostand confused says

    Enough of that nonsense. Once upon a time, the Talib an and Al-queda were our allies-we put them in power in Afghanistan. You want a Shia version of the Taliban??

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