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  • On Fri, 5 Feb 2016, 6:59am PST in Oscars are so non Muslim -Obozo wants jihadis in non jihadi roles, MMR said:

    lostand confused says

    They were pointing out that so often they felt invisible.

    Whatever, they're just frustrated that they don't have a critical mass to stage agitations when things don't go that way. Frustrated about inability to ghettoize due to said lack of critical mass.

  • On Fri, 5 Feb 2016, 6:57am PST in The Difference Between Trump and Sanders Supporters, MMR said:

    Ironman says

    The last 6 cycles, the state voted Blue, but it was Red the 4 before that:

    Exactly. Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan twice and Bush Sr. NJ has changed a lot in the last 28-40 years. Socially somewhat conservative, but traditionally Democratic due to unions more than progressive/liberal thinking.

    Also, NJ population grew by 1.6 million in that time in the last 40 years, with most of that voting bloc being more liberal and a much higher percentage of growth being driven by minorities, most of whom were not born in the United States. As long as the counties that vote Democrat continue to vote democrat, Republicans can't carry NJ at the national level.

    Most of that time period when NJ carried a Republican at the National Level, New Jersey had a republican Governor (Tom Kean) from 1982-1990. Brendan Byrne prior to that from 1974-1982, a Democrat. Byrne was the last Democrat to serve 2 terms. Christie, Whitman and Kean all managed two terms as Republicans. But Christie is leaving office on a sour note. Kean left on very good terms and Whitman left on decent terms.

    The fact that Christie is a Republican and most people in New Jersey are unhappy with him doesn't bode well for NJ to carry a Republican Nominee. Trump is the only guy with a chance to carry NJ at the national level; if it is any establishment Republican, then NJ has no chance whatsoever (Rubio, Cruz, Kasich).

    For the Democratic nomination, I think it will be close between Clinton and Sanders;

  • On Thu, 4 Feb 2016, 8:27pm PST in American Students Know Almost Nothing About Their College Loans, MMR said:

    Heraclitusstudent says

    It's fucked with student loans

    I really don't know why students who are unprepared for college are qualifying for student loans.

    This 'free' federal money has spawned a cottage industry of low quality schools that fit the very definition of corporate welfare.

    On one level, but another part of the problem is students who have no business going to college are going to college and it's nothing more than a 'tax on entering the workforce'.

    Loans should be for students who can actually do college level work and contingent on maintaining a given GPA

    others could do trades or something else other than college.

    Cut the student loans and watch tuition reach reasonable levels. After that reorganization, "free" public schools could be made "free" by the basis of examinations in various tracks, not unlike France.

    There is so much fat in the universities necessitating tuition increases that greatly outpace inflation. Simply making it 'free' is not an answer, without addressing the factors that caused the costs to become so unwieldy in the first place.

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