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  • On Fri, 27 May 2016, 12:37am PDT in Not allowed by white people., MMR said:

    Strategist says

    No one in their right minds would send their kids

    With all due respect, you sound a lot like Indian people straight from India scared of the black man. In my estimation, a lot of fob asians are the same in this regard. I'm not advocating shooting the shit with some crackhead or slinging rocks. Something like volunteering in an inner city hospital during daytime hours. Lot of these kids will see such people as patients when they become a doctor in often not the best settings, even if they do residency in a university hospital.

    The much larger point here is: why are kids being trained to do or think of community service as something that they are ultimately doing for themselves- that is, to boost their resume?

    William Deresiewicz a former Yale admissions officer says it best here about how to keep a kid from becoming an 'entitled little shit':


    "You cannot cogitate your way to sympathy with people of different backgrounds, still less to knowledge of them. You need to interact with them directly, and it has to be on an equal footing: not in the context of “service,” and not in the spirit of “making an effort,” either—swooping down on a member of the college support staff and offering to “buy them a coffee,” as a former Yalie once suggested, in order to “ask them about themselves.”

    Since many of these guys aspire to be doctors, it's worth noting that a high percentage of doctors lack empathy. The gaming of the system to 'rise to the top' is probably the worst way to teach empathy for would-be physicians toward future patient populations. Additionally, lot of this activity is self-seeking, looking out for number one type behavior, which absolutely doesn't work in a patient care setting, which almost always requires a team effort.

    Virtually no teamwork is taught in the years leading up to medical school for lot of these kids. This is perpetuated in high school by only picking individualistic activities: In indians, classical dance, instrument or tennis/golf and spelling bee seem to be the cookie cutter choices. Pretty much ditto for asians..... generally, very little emphasis on working in teams or on team-building. Yet another lost opportunity to teach empathy and being a team player. Once again, reasons to me to avoid cupertino and the SGV and/or places like Fremont like the plague.

  • On Thu, 26 May 2016, 5:39pm PDT in Insurers warn losses from ObamaCare are unsustainable, MMR said:

    HEY YOU says

    See how much better the free market is?

    How on earth was the system prior to obamacare 'free market'?

  • On Thu, 26 May 2016, 5:24pm PDT in Not allowed by white people., MMR said:

    Ceffer says

    What more can they expect from the IvyFucks

    They expect it to be UC IrvineBlurtman says

    white parents backed off from complaining about affirmative action admissions at the top magnet schools after being called racist.

    would have itched for that firefight. Even if those fuckers call me benedict arnold or some other ad hominem attack, essentially referring to me as some 'white apologist' who is 'confused of his heritage'.

    I can do this easily because I know damn well that sumtingwong and holeefuck don't have any connections to help me advance my personal interests anyway. Even if they did, fat chance that they would share. Unlike Jews with their own people, sharing isn't in Asian and Indian blood, as both come from environments of scarcity. Lastly, they don't speak for me, since I'm not a walking stereotype like the vast majority of these protesters.

    FP says

    A family we know payed for their kid to get a volunteer position

    They are a bunch of sniveling, disingenuous shits. Why the hell do they have to go to guatemala or some village in Africa? Plenty of 3rd world caliber pockets in LA county or throughout the US. This behavior is actually anti-American as far as I'm concerned.

    Who the hell do these future doctors think is going to make up more than 50% of their patient population when they get to residency and beyond?

    This type of "me-too, keep up with joneses" behavior is what leads to cookie cutter applications.

    Ceffer says

    Chelsea went to Stanford and bagged a budding hedge fund con artist. Can't get much more meritorious than that.

    The Mezvinsky types (read: New York Jews) benefit from the status quo the most, since they make up the largest numbers in the Ivy compared to Asians, blacks, hispanics and non Jewish whites(in terms of influence, if not raw numbers). In their defense, many(not all) in this cohort, outside of the 'inbred bush types' contribute the money that makes the need based aid possible for those who need it. Although, by admitting privileged Africans abusing affirmative action to satisfy their african american quota, they sure do a lot to prevent disbursement of said funds.

    FP says

    The current system of over-testing and simple-testing (multiple choice testing which favor rote learning

    What you say is true here, but just as importantly, what it tracks very effectively is parental household income, which most butthurt Asians have in droves. Still doesn't stop the more insufferable of the lot from reminding you how smart they and their kids are. Plenty of reason enough not to live in an asian stronghold in the bay area or the SGV in LA county

    FP says

    little careerist's resume to the garbage without a second thought.

    you mean 'little future megalomaniacal tyrant'

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