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  • On 23 Jul 2014 in Addendum: No Kids and now, generally losing interest in women, MMR said:

    Many moonlighting jobs require that you complete a residency, although some opportunities exist for those who have completed a post-graduate internship. Most locum tenens jobs require that you are board-eligible, which usually means completing a residency and many require that you are board-certified.

    Rin says

    Also, if needed, I can moonlight, one day a week as a physician, if funds ever become tight in the future.

  • On 23 Jul 2014 in The modern women can no longer cook, they no longer want children and..., MMR said:

    Maybe if they are legal......If illegal, probably not.....if the guy gets deported he will just pay a coyote to bring him back anyway.....but not likely that there will be much of a payoff for the female in terms of child support if a divorce among illegals happens.

    The Original Bankster says

    actually if you look closely the more traditional mexicans get incredibly jealous and protective of their women knowing that in the US they have the tendency to declare their "independence" divorce, and turn the hombre into a paycheck like the other amerilosers.

  • On 14 Jul 2014 in Female teacher "victimizes" 18yr old male students by having sex giving beer, MMR said:

    In your humble opinion, are Central American(predominantly Mexican) illegal immigrants pushing education in the household in the same way that East Asian, South Asian and African immigrants (both legal and illegal) are?

    dublin hillz says

    Part of the reason why latino families struggle financially in united states is because amongst immigrants that werent born here men are still expected to be breadwinners while woman is supposed to be babymaker/homemaker - this is part of what they call machismo. But it's changing among those who are first generation and go on to college so I expect that they will "assimilate" within a 2 generations or so.

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