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  • On 14 Oct 2014 in The deficit is down, Mick Russom said:

    Yeah, we know its down. The IRS' vicious enforcement has gotten even more vicious and taxes are higher than ever.

    Bet again, spending more than you take in either in real or relative terms is just ponzi theater.

  • On 14 Oct 2014 in Wealth Inequality destroys Societies, Mick Russom said:

    thunderlips11 says

    Best point of the lecture: Helping the bottom 1% is a lot less effective than curtailing the top 1%.

    Yes. But nearly every time the government, which is universally owned by the 1%+ group, steps in to make things more equal the middle class is destroyed, the 1% do even better and the poor are still poor.

    Thomas Jefferson wanted every citizen to own an acre of land and be under a use it or lose it type arrangement but with oligarchs and a rentier class we see here today where people strive only to make unearned income this will only get more and more ridiculous.

  • On 27 Sep 2014 in Big Red One will deploy, Mick Russom said:

    Where is code pink on this one? I guess they like this version of the war.

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