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  • On 27 Sep 2014 in Big Red One will deploy, Mick Russom said:

    Where is code pink on this one? I guess they like this version of the war.

  • On 27 Sep 2014 in Accolades for Law Enforcement, Mick Russom said:

    Problem with the police forces these days is:

    #1 The do the blue line stuff to support each other. They will not police themselves for corruption well and IA is disliked. Nobody is really watching the watchers.
    #2 They take their pay and pension from a corrupted government. It would be the job of the police to help police the corruption, but since the corrupted government paid them, they are more or less paid off. The new mafia is corrupt government
    #3 They have tolerated the suspension of posse comitatus and willingly have become para-military. This is effectively a standing army.
    #4 They have not done much to put headwind against illegal laws, challenge constitutionality of these laws or refuse to enforce illegal laws. They are effectively paid off by the corrupt government and know the pay and pension come from the government which has ceased to be representative and most (95%) of all politicians are protecting the system and keeping things as is.
    #5 Police use their force to extract even more wealth from society by doing silly stuff like goofy speeding tickets, roll throughs, etc. This kills a lot of good will and is done for meeting quotas and bringing more money into the system.

  • On 20 Mar 2014 in The coming real estate bubble, Mick Russom said:

    Strategist says

    Most cities in OC only have 2 months inventory. That is low, very low.

    Its Casey Serin time again.

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