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  • On 21 Nov 2014 in There Is No Longer A Rule Of Law, dublin hillz said:

    Quigley says

    Illegals will work for less, without benefits or papers, because they have
    little bargaining power

    Yes, and however, they still experience a rise in living standards because back home they were making around $5 per day so whatever they make here feels like a major step up to them. Also, they are ok with living in conditions that most citizens object to such as sharing house space with multiple people beyond a level that most people would simply consider to be uncomfortable. And then there's remittance money that family members at home rely on to break out of lowest levels of poverty.

  • On 21 Nov 2014 in Stuff Liberals Say, dublin hillz said:

    Having a draft/conscription did not stop johnson and brezhnev from launching their proxy war conflicts that cost their respective countrymen over 70,000 casualties combined not to mention deaths on the other side.

  • On 21 Nov 2014 in There Is No Longer A Rule Of Law, dublin hillz said:

    The immigration issue has always been "divisive" in american history. At one point in time, southern and eastern european immigrants were considered undesirable and a threat to a cultural american continuity and those going through ellis island had to submit to a medical exam and carry $25 per head (a lot of money back in the day) to prove that they were not gonna become a public charge.

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