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  • On 20 Oct 2014 in Rioters ruin their own Community, dublin hillz said:

    It's the fault of the liberal media and the feminists who tried to subjugate them since 1776. They are simply engaging in natural forms of protest and civil disobedience to draw attention to their plight and misfortune.

  • On 20 Oct 2014 in Gallup: Kids at home bring joy, stress -- what you don't know, dublin hillz said:

    It has been mentioned that kids are like guests who never depart...

  • On 20 Oct 2014 in Unable to Meet the Deductible or the Doctor, Thanks Obamacare, dublin hillz said:

    HydroCABRON not hydrocarbon says

    justme says

    I just got notice that my CoveredCA premium is rising by 3% for 2015. PrettyDamnGood considering that since the bubble burst in 2008, premiums have generally been rising by 10-15% or worse per year. Some Kaiser Permanente plans even have premium REDUCTIONS.

    Keep in mind that most of this is due to severely reduced demand: millions of Ebola deaths have shrunk the pool of customers for healthcare and everything else not related to burial and cremation services.

    Source: Fox News.

    The latest intel indicates that they cannot be buried because ebola will get into groundwater and infect the living with ebola - this process is known as circular ebola and can lead to a calamity that will rival bubonic plague. What's going to happen is that the corpses will be shipped to chernobyl where they will rise like lazarus since high levels of radioactivity will bring them back to life. Those who will fail to awaken after 30 days will be shipped to slovakia where they will be burned in the furnace to see if ebola is indeed contaminable through the air.

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