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  • On Tue, 6 Oct 2015, 12:15pm PDT in The Echo Bubble in Housing Is About to Pop, David9 said:


    Yes, they used the 'B' Word ! LOL

    ""In short, end-users today are being handed a red-hot potato market already in a bubble larger than 2006," noted Hanson. "

    The video does not say this, the article does, quoted above.

  • On Tue, 29 Sep 2015, 9:47am PDT in The Echo Bubble in Housing Is About to Pop, David9 said:

    :-D No one comments on this one ?

    Again, making it several times, had I known that Quantitative easing, among other factors, is designed to raise asset prices, I could have flipped something back in the day.

    Then again, maybe those silly $Trillions$ of dollars, from what I hear, the banks mostly got, combined with a flood of investors and corporations that purchased single family homes and condos back in the day, which are now rentals, reducing supply, putting price pressure upward, foreign cash buyers, and the other factors mentioned in the article, will hold as a new reality.

    There is a line in the movie 'A Most Dangerous Year' where the mobster like lead character is forced to mortgage a property and his brother asks him:

    "You took out a $200,000 Sucker Loan ?"

    That summed it up for me.

  • On Mon, 21 Sep 2015, 8:21pm PDT in Serial Dislikers, David9 said:

    I'm in the 'Dislike' club too !

    Kim Davis anyone ? The Glorious GOP ? Shadow Inventory ? LOL !

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