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  • On 8 Apr 2014 in The Current State of the Housing Market, David9 said:

    darlag says

    Good luck.

    The range of accurate 'status' on the housing market is amazing isn't it?

    Thankfully, some of the comments include:

    "The housing market is doing good as far as cash investors who are renting them out, but typical middle class families can't afford the rising prices due to ridiculous housing recovery speculation by the government"

    "People are living in their houses for free and have done so for years."

    "BS story! If anything, shadow inventory is increasing. Foreclosure and short sale inventory on the market dried up in mid-2012 because the Banks\Freddie\Fannie made it that way. Manipulation began around this time. We have seen 10-30% increases in values in certain parts of the country because of this."

    I was being sarcastic. Thanks for biting!

  • On 8 Apr 2014 in Need tourist advice for SF, David9 said:

    Strategist says

    We just have to know what you did next.

    Oh, now that is tempting. Not sure this is the right venue for a taste of San Francisco erotica. But thanks!

  • On 8 Apr 2014 in The Current State of the Housing Market, David9 said:

    No. No. No. You are all wet. This article on 'Main St.' (So you know it is authentic.) says:


    1.) Price are up.
    2.) Foreclosures are down.
    3.) Shadow inventory is reduced.

    All in all, 'Pretty Nice Recovery'.

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