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  • On 20 Apr 2014 in Happy Easter, New Renter said:

    It was the craziest thing!

    Someone dressed in a furry costume went and dropped foil wrapped bunny pellets all over my yard last night!

    Welcome to California!

  • On 20 Apr 2014 in #1 Cause of Death,, New Renter said:

    bob2356 says

    Call it Crazy says

    I already know a bunch

    You know a "bunch" of specail ops people. Really, how did that come to be? There aren't very many to start with, they don't usually hang out with civilians, and they are concentrated in a couple of bases. Delta at McCord, Bragg, Elgin, Ft Carson, seals at little creek and coronado. I grew up on navy bases including little creek, worked in VIrginia Beach 3 years yet I have only met a couple very casually

    I had the pleasure of meeting the person I mentioned earlier through a relative while living in San Diego. I met a few SEALS from the team at various events in Coronado. Good people.

  • On 19 Apr 2014 in Should The Stock and Real Estate Markets Drive The Economy?, New Renter said:

    smaulgld says

    APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says

    What else will drive the economy?

    The only things America makes any more are financial crime and porn.

    and social media sites

    And more porn to distract the SEC so as to commit more financial crimes.

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