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  • On Fri, 10 Jul 2015, 11:08am PDT in Are oil companies deliberately gouging California drivers?, New Renter said:

    Anyone worried about getting gouged at the pump is free to scrap their 8 MPG '75 Lincoln and buy a 50 MPG Accord Hybrid. Probably never make up the $30k in capital costs though.

    Even better, dust off the old Schwinn. Or walk.

    HydroCabron says

    Once you factor in the externalities, such as frying planet Earth in a greasy, crackling skillet of carbon, and the 58,000 annual premature deaths from vehicle emissions each year, plus 25,000 from coal emissions, and add back the taxpayer subsidies to coal and gasoline, the fossil forms of energy don't seem so cheap.

    Yes they do, damn cheap. Once all the numbers are in fossil fuels are still king.

  • On Fri, 10 Jul 2015, 10:55am PDT in We are NOT Greece, New Renter said:

    HydroCabron says

    One way to emulate Greece is to become a tax-cheat culture.

    Done and done.

  • On Fri, 10 Jul 2015, 10:51am PDT in The Startup Illusion, New Renter said:

    Patrick says

    a few majors are still clearly worth the debt, mostly engineering majors.

    Which engineering disciplines are you thinking of? Last I heard there was still a surplus of excess EE, ME, and AE engineers.

    Dan8267 says

    College is worthless for anything except things you can't legally or safely do without professional training like practice medicine or maintain a nuclear reactor.

    And for that there are online courses:

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