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  • On Thu, 28 May 2015, 12:59am PDT in Money matters in school admissions, Ceffer said:

    I am so glad to learn that the Deans aren't political animals who don't answer to the Regents. What a relief, I feel so much better now.

  • On Wed, 27 May 2015, 11:20pm PDT in Money matters in school admissions, Ceffer said:

    Many years ago, when the push was on giving minorities and women preferential admission, a lawsuit was filed against UC Davis medical school by a white applicant, who prevailed.

    He wound up exposing all kinds of admissions bias, which included the fact that 10 percent of the admissions to the professional schools, including medicine, were appropriated to the presiding Regents who just put in anyone they wanted i.e. donor's children, their own children, connected friend's children, politician's children etc. etc without any recognizance. This was a publicly funded school, so you can imagine what the private schools do. The embarrassment over the admissions disclosures caused some problems for the Regents for a while, but then, it all died down and back to business as usual.

  • On Wed, 27 May 2015, 8:21pm PDT in McDonald's contemplating offering a spooj-free special sauce, Ceffer said:

    If it's spooj free, they will have to pay their help more, because there is no more beat off joy fringe benefit behind the counter.

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