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  • On 25 Nov 2014 in Old analog TV frequencies could be super wifi network, Ceffer said:

    tovarichpeter says

    H]Nz7({al)@N9BkMYA'h2NOv{+WC9j z-%+j4wHswO6Z.(AQ9nl,Q?(r iV=07P(v` %VL`w5KkK5g i% q ?N~$`~zUV>Nl aAU(!xx1y}_6+}!@O+">}~3*)QTC4c MkjnUSt ;PZBUIa'=+v}%Udn9w.0s$}aGM]c"! AwB`"Cc_rI'8B"v"HTQM^L;Bh,UWc" !i0TAm/&To,0bC|a!v]_? (CyG9RC3vF;+T^K` uilEEIwK]KT/-RRb0`X&09$z?ub.

    Boy, that's a lot of channels.

    The TV show "Person Of Interest" already latched onto this idea where the protagonists went underground from digital surveillance America by patching in to analog repeaters, instead.

  • On 25 Nov 2014 in Smart Students at Texas Tech., Ceffer said:

    Knowledge of History vs. Pop Culture is one thing, but where were the segments where the coeds demonstrated fellatio on a banana?

    First things first. Doesn't Texas Tech stand for Texas Technique?

  • On 25 Nov 2014 in How Can I Celebrate Thanksgiving?, Ceffer said:

    Dan8267 says

    There is only one proper way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Mount a Gatling gun on an SUV so you can mow down the homeless while burning oil and polluting the air like our founding fathers intended. And if any hippies complain, that's what the Gatling gun is for.

    Just remember to use green lead.

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