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  • On Wed, 29 Jun 2016, 11:58pm PDT in Ever wonder why hot girls are Republicans?, Ceffer said:

    Would you rather be temporarily and insincerely honored by a shallow, narcissistic, gold digging hottie who only values you for your money, power and prestige, or stomped into the dirt by a hideous Immense Hirsute Lesbian? Republican or Democrat, your choice.

  • On Wed, 29 Jun 2016, 11:50pm PDT in You are very VERY rich!, Ceffer said:

    Would you rather have a Downton Abbey Lifestyle or a cellphone? Maybe why the old time aristocrats spent so much time showing off, hunting, drinking and schmoozing. If you went back then with what you know today, you would likely be committed to a mental institution and would just choose to keep your mouth shut, a stranger in a strange land.

    When some wag judge was asked what the greatest contributor to American freedom was, the guy asking the question was expecting some sanctimonious encomium of historical figures. Instead, the judge said "the Model T", which made wide ranging, rapid transit available to a large number of people, who could now travel much more extensively and economically.

    Nowadays, you might add "The internet", at least from an informational and logistic standpoint. It wasn't that long ago that the only information that you could easily gather without traveling to invade special libraries came to you from a limited array of books and the public organs of news and media, or from rare specialists who painstakingly gathered and collated informations. As we know now, those media organs were always highly controlled, editorialized, politicized and tilted toward propaganda.

    However, the internet in many ways has just shifted the ground of "knowing", as stated in a New Yorker article a few years ago. What were once mysteries (i.e. lack of information or only partial information you could find through painstaking and lengthy research trying to get bits and pieces of the big picture) are now puzzles ( way TOO MUCH information, requiring force feeding and rapid processing, and then sorting to separate the wheat from the chaff i.e. to decide what is real or not real, and what is actually subject to deductive reasoning). A lot of information and conclusions thinking people used to have just came from their own personal observational experiences and its asymmetry with what they were told about human nature, sex, politics etc., the "art" of living.

    The freedom of the internet might be in "knowing" more stuff. It is almost impossible now to make a statement of any kind without being a plagiarist of sorts, but also being able to SEE everything and HEAR everything. Strikingly, this is accompanied by diminishing freedom to actually SAY anything or DO anything without monitoring or repercussions. Also, information manipulation which used to come down the pike from scarce tributaries of magazines, books, TV, and newspapers has now become piles of rhetoric and disinformation. The goal of media controllers is to overwhelm and out scream, rather than the more narrow, targeted information manipulations of the past to people who could not disbelieve because they didn't have the information to contradict.

  • On Wed, 29 Jun 2016, 8:08pm PDT in You are very VERY rich!, Ceffer said:

    If IHLlary takes out her dentures, she is the obvious choice. You can't argue with the combination of suction, ballast and slobbering joy.

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