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  • On 22 Nov 2014 in Sexism is Innate, Vaticanus said:

    What other things are innate? For example:

    Is selling overpriced houses innate?
    Is cheating on your husband or wife innate?
    Is becoming a mass murderer or terrorist innate?
    Is lying innate?
    Is theft innate?
    Is pedophilia innate?
    Is homophobia innate?
    Is religion innate?

    I agree with you that many "sexist" ideas are innate, but the problem is that so are many other ideas. Sexism is not morally reprehensible, however pedophilia is. Don't you agree?

  • On 30 Oct 2014 in LETTERMANS (a known liberal) TOP 10 REASONS TO VOTE DEMOCRAT, Vaticanus said:

    iwog says

    jvolstad says

    Slowly but surely most liberals will realize that liberalism is a mental disorder and will get treatment for it.

    Almost every nation on earth considers the Republican party a joke and you think LIBERALISM is a mental disorder?? I remember when they decided to impeach Clinton and how the whole world thought Republicans were ridiculous assclowns.

    To the inmates at an asylum, everyone on the outside looks insane.

    Spoken from experience? Which asylum did they let you out of?

  • On 8 Oct 2014 in Wal-Mart's Part-Time Workers Lose Their Health Benefits, Vaticanus said:

    iwog says

    You mean WalMart took a free market action to save the company money?

    Yeah blame that on Obama.

    Actually, it is probably not only in the best interest of Walmart corp. but also the American people as a whole that less people will have health insurance. Health insurance companies are in the business of making money, and they are pretty good at it because on average the consumer pays much more for their health care than the cost of the actual care they receive. A few will benefit, and the parasitic beurocratic mega corporations that are big insurance (and their cronies in pharmaceutical and medical industrial complex) benefit. But, the end result is that health insurance companies drive up the cost of healthcare for us all.

    Walmart may be a villain, but not for reasons listed in OP.

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