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  • On 23 Sep 2014 in The True Cause of Poverty, thunderlips11 said:

    Peter P says

    I love zero sum games, because they are really games of people. A rational person would focus on winning the game instead of changing the game.

    Don't hate the player, hate the game.

  • On 23 Sep 2014 in Poor people are good at explaining their failures, thunderlips11 said:

    or Bill Gates from stealing ideas from Xerox Parc.
    or Jobs from both Xerox AND ripping off Wozniak (and countless others, don't forget to backdate the stocks!) from day one.
    or Rothschild and the battle of Waterloo...

  • On 23 Sep 2014 in The True Cause of Poverty, thunderlips11 said:

    Peter P says

    Tapes? Not seminars? :-)

    Oh yeah, seminars are better. That way the Triple Diamond can charge you for the weekend and you can't make copies. We're all gonna be rich, if we don't engage in Stinkin' Thinkin'.

    New Renter says

    Polygamy leaves a large number of beta males with none.

    People are geared for monogamy - with cheating. And there was pretty rapid turn over in the mates department for Early Humans. Tiger attack, knee scape gets infected, death in childbirth...

    Alpha Males are often the eldest, most charismatic hunter that's still young enough to lead - not necessarily the biggest male. It's also why women prefer older, tested males - as well as those many wives or lovers - they've demonstrated their ability to survive and all those other women can't be wrong.

    Women judge men by men's own standards, so if men all respect one hunter, he'll be the top dog every woman wants. Just like women love sports stars, even though most of them don't know jack shit about sports. All men like the sports stars, so they must be the top dogs.

    But alpha male has to pay a price in making sure everyone is happy and making everybody's success his business, a price that may damage his health over the long term - or his life if he leads the tribe poorly. IMHO there are too many beta males alive today for beta males to be so chosen against via evolution.

    Today's wealthy don't pay the price of a lost war or economic catastrophe, that's where the natural order is breaking down.

    You'll never see Poroshenko or the Koch Brothers leading an raider group or boundary patrol from the front.

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