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  • On Sun, 19 Apr 2015, 12:11am PDT in CA Water petition, thunderlips11 said:

    Sounds like Christian R. Holmes IV, ex-Enron Exec, ex-Bush EPA Senior Admin, multi-millionaire heir, and current "Global Water Coordinator" at the EPA ought to help find more Private Solutions to California's Water Problem. Father of Elizabeth "Self-Made 19 year old Genius who quit school to become a billionaire" Holmes.

  • On Sat, 18 Apr 2015, 10:39pm PDT in Feminazis worst nightmare-31yr self made female billionaire, thunderlips11 said:

    She's not really that self-made. Her great grandfather, Christian Holmes the First, has a hospital named after him, her brother (Christian Holmes the Fifth of his name) is a senior executive (also in his 30s) at a Fortune 500 comapny, her Father was the "CFO" of the EPA under Bush

    Great Grandfather,Christian Holmes the First
    Hospital named after him
    Biography written about him
    Lobbyist for Public Money?

    Now Christian Holmes is somebody, because he's mentioned here, there, everywhere, but not a whole helluva lot about him himself. I did find this one reference, apparently he married a famous Early Movies Actress - Holmes the First being an heir to the Fleishmann Yeast fortune:

    While working as a model in New York City, Katherine met her first husband, artist K. Malcolm Struss. They married in 1910 but the marriage was short-lived, and they officially divorced in 1919. She married Charles S. Johnston, a young Chicago millionaire, in 1924 and they soon had one son, Britt. They divorced in 1926.

    In 1928 she married Christian Rasmus Holmes (1898-1944),[5] an heir to the Fleischmann's yeast company, but that marriage ended in a sensational divorce suit in 1931. MacDonald claimed cruelty—that her husband had fired a revolver at her through a locked door, had deliberately burnt her with lit cigarettes, and had sometimes locked her in a cage. Holmes counter-sued, claiming that MacDonald had embarrassed him by having affairs. MacDonald and Holmes had one daughter, Ann.[4]

    After leaving the movie industry MacDonald ran a successful cosmetics business in the late 1920s and early 1930s.[4]

    I got a feeling an actress married to one millionaire doesn't marry another guy who isn't.

    Note that several pieces about Elizabeth Holmes mentions a Fleishmann's Yeast Heir as "An Ancestor" - without mentioning she is his direct descendent (not a distant relation like that could imply). Seriously, I spent all of 10 minutes googling this shit. These fluff-pieces are nonsense.

    Father, Christian Holmes the Fourth of His Name:
    "CFO" of the EPA under Bush the First
    Trustee of expensive, exclusive Private Boarding School
    Trustee of a Rice University Program - and THIS one lists FINALLY all his "Revolving Door" jobs between the EPA, USAID and the Private Enterprises he ran as a top level admin/executive (not just worked for):

    In the environmental sector, he served as the first Chief Financial Officer in the history of the Environmental Protection Agency, where he led the financial, information management and administrative functions supporting EPA, a $6 billion budget and 18,000-person workforce. At EPA, he also served as the Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator for Solid Waste and Emergency Response. As EPA's Deputy Assistant Administrator for Federal Facilities Enforcement, he was responsible for the oversight of environmental protection activities at all United States Government Agencies. He has also served as the Executive Director for Environment, Safety and Health at Tenneco Inc. and as the Vice President for Environment Safety and Health at Tenneco Energy.

    In the international economic development sector, he led the US Trade and Development Agency (TDA) where he initiated a major technical assistance program in China. At the Agency for International Development, he served as Executive Director of a Presidential Task Force of Chief Executive Officers charged with developing new approaches to strengthening international private enterprise in developing countries. He also served as the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Refugee Programs and as Deputy Director for the Agency for International Development Office for Foreign Disaster assistance. In so doing, he led United States Government's international relief efforts to war and natural disaster victims, conducting on site assessments in Ethiopia, Mauritania, Senegal, the Sahel, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Lebanon, East Timor, and Cambodia.

    In the energy sector, in addition to his work at Tenneco, inc, he also served as a Vice President of the Clean Energy Solutions Group at Enron, concentrating on environmental technologies and energy efficiency, including fuel cells, waste-to-energy and air pollution control and the use of air emissions allowances to reduce pollution.

    Wow, from the EPA to helping executives strengthen private enterprise to being an executive at Tenneco (Fortune 500 Instrumentation Manufacturer, including Medical Equipment) and Enron as a Greenwashing Executive ("Clean Energy Solutions" Executive)

    Christian Holmes the Fourth of his Name is back in the government again, this time as a Clean Water guy. Lots of money in water these days, just ask Bechtel. And he'll be helping match "Private Solutions" to "Third World Country needs" or some such.

    So yeah, if you believe Dad is a mere career Public Servant - like the Puff Piece implies - I gotta bridge to sell you.

    Officers on various subdivisions of Fortune 500 Company Tenneco:

    On the board of directors of Privately Held Theranos:
    * Henry Kissinger
    * Sam Nunn
    * George Schultz
    * Riley Betchel (see "Clean Water Guy" in bold, above)
    * William Frist
    * Richard M. Kovacevich (CEO of Wells Fargo Bank 1998-2007, good timing on leaving)
    * The other dudes are all ex-Admirals and Army big wigs, including former CENTCOM Leader.
    * Not one is a biochemical/medical/bioengineering specialist or even industry leader.

    This is an old WASP power Family like the Buffets and Gates and Kerrys.

    This is the face of your masters.

    This was about 10-15 minutes of googling. Too bad the reporter couldn't be arsed - or the editor's friend "Suggested" writing a story about this "Self-Made" woman.

    Oh, and apparently Elizabeth didn't learn Mandarin in her spare time - just about when dad was doing the China-US Executive thing for USAID, he got her and her brother a tutor in Mandarin.

  • On Sat, 18 Apr 2015, 6:36pm PDT in Angry Facebook parents go insane debating fate of kid who tore up his allowance, thunderlips11 said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    You laugh at a kid and tell him "Well now, NOW lookey here! Now you have NOTHING, until next week, good going genius!"

    They'll just steal your wallet and take the family car for a joy ride down alleys 1/8th inch too narrow after you fall asleep.

    How would you like that Funny Boy?

    How old is the kid? Stealing and joy riding is "Serious Business". Ripping up your own money, face your own consequences. Who said anything about laughing? Who the fuck laughs at a kid's temper trantrum stupidity?

    Eventually, the kid ain't going to have somebody to smack them for stupidity later in life, so let them learn about stupidity's consequences now.

    What is with all this extra punishment crap? Take a fucking chill pill, people. It ain't all about you and your control vanity. "IMA TOUGH GUY!! TOUGH LOVE!! TOUGH PARENT" Seems to me people who are all into acting all tough have problems of their own.

    When I was a kid, all the disabled loser parents with "Bad Back Disability Checks" were the ones insisting their kids call them "Sir". It's compensation for a feeling of powerlessness elsewhere in life. For myself, I try to be aware of the awesome power and responsibility I have as a parent, and not use my kids as a way of making me feel more effective in life. The latter is my own problem, not my kids'.

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