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  • On 25 Jan 2015 in Rand Paul doesn't know what he is talking about, Vicente said:

    errc says

    Why shouldn't massage therapists, fancy or not, be included in "medical professions"?

    When Medicare and other insurance groups are PAYING for it.

    A rubdown makes you feel better temporarily, it doesn't permanently resolve underlying physical conditions.

  • On 25 Jan 2015 in Rand Paul doesn't know what he is talking about, Vicente said:

    Good to know an ophthalmologist can see inside people. to see what is wrong with them. And he is so omnisicient he can diagnose millions of people he's never met. Rand Paul is God!

    I have a friend with all kinds of red flags in his medical file for a bunch of conditions. They expect him to drop dead of any one of them about any day now. But you'd never know it if you see him around town, that his back is all fused vertebra and he can't lift anything. Seems cheerful all the time, because he knows he's on overtime.

    Tell Rand Paul to get back to me, when he starts by cutting chiropractors out of the "medical profession". I'm pretty sure that like most people in the guild, he won't say a word against those fancy massage therapists.

  • On 25 Jan 2015 in Education Moment: The Man with 26 Million Students, Vicente said:

    Only 26 million? Feh.

    Pornhub has a LOT more students.

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