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  • On 22 Nov 2014 in The end of the Benghazi "controversy", Vicente said:

    Let's move on to another round of "who shot JFK" panels.

  • On 22 Nov 2014 in Americans could save a fortune this winter, if they understood their thermostats, Vicente said:

    The user interfaces on programmable thermostats are generally TERRIBLE.

    I got a decent Honeywell. And I do keep it fairly finely tuned. But when our patterns change and say I want to change the "getting home from work warmup" by half an hour for 3 days of the week, I have to do an awful lot of pushing buttons on the screen leading to me not wanting to do it.

    My ideal thermostat would be one that's decently smart on it's own, but that I can also program from my iPhone remotely. Last time I looked all the thermostats with the home control integration sacrificed internal flexibility, so then it became entirely dependent on home automation stuff which if it failed you'd lose functionality.

  • On 21 Nov 2014 in What It's Like To Drive Toyota's $57,000 Hydrogen Car, Vicente said:

    New Renter says

    I'm surious why Toyota has such a hard on for hydrogen myself when fuel cell natural gas vehicles make so much more sense.

    Because like many big car makers, this is a "compliance car". The Rav4 EV doesn't give them NEARLY as many compliance credits as a hydrogen car. So they produce a much smaller number of vehicles, and reduce their legal exposure for a small-volume product, and I'm sure they end up saving money in the big picture.

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