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  • On Mon, 20 May 2013, 1:17pm PDT in Best real estate within drive from bay area?, debtregret said:

    rufita11 says

    Sacramento blows. Way too much pollution from farming and cars. My poor niece suffered until she turned 18 and could escape. A friend of mine adopted a kid and she is so allergic that she required injections. I wouldn't put anyone through that. It's also just too hot with so many extremely sketchy hoods.

    A common misconception.
    Actually the bay blows; the valley sucks.

  • On Sun, 2 Dec 2012, 11:35pm PST in Found a Listing of My Old Japanese Place, debtregret said:

    curious2 says

    iwog says

    Looks like a nice big tub although it has too many hoses and buttons and gadgets....

    I wouldn't object to the presence of gadgets, though I don't know what they're for. I would add a shower curtain.

    No need for a shower curtain in Japan! The entire room is a shower -- there is generally a handheld showerhead (in addition to a faucet that you use while standing or sitting outside the tub to scrub yourself clean, after which you soak in the tub. The 'shower' drain is in the center of the room, and you don't need to be careful about getting anything wet. Great approach.
    I lived there, too, for 10+ years up to '92. Great time, I must say.

  • On Mon, 26 Nov 2012, 6:54am PST in Considering relocating from San Diego (CA) to Charlotte (NC), debtregret said:

    Regarding making big changes, I second Patrick's comment. I lived overseas for 15 years when I was younger and loved all of it -- big moves like that get much harder with the years.
    Regarding moving to NC, I live now in NorCal and was just offered a transfer with my company to western NC -- we took a trip out to suss out the place. Short story is that the town itself was very nice, but it was (from our point of view) the only 'nice' place within 800 miles. It (Asheville) is quite liberal and we would have felt at home there, but ONLY there.
    Asheville punches far above its weight in terms of restaurants, music scene etc., and after asking lots of people we met there (all of whom were new arrivals from somewhere else....) why, they said it is sustained by massive tourism from other parts of the south. Basically, it is surrounded by 10 million people within 3 hours drive (Charlotte is included in that radius) who hate where they live, and Asheville is the weekend escape of choice. When we asked people there where they go when they want to escape Asheville, they stumbled and in the end said 'get on a plane to NY' (out of my budget).
    At which point I started reflecting on what is within 3-4 hours drive from where I live now, and the list includes: Tahoe, SF, Napa/Sonoma, Mendocino coast, Big Sur, Lassen/Shasta. There you have it. Some of the most stunningly beautiful parts of the U.S. combined with a fine, not too large city. That is why CA (particularly NorCal, imo) continues to be hard to beat.
    More to your question about Charlotte, we flew out of Charlotte, and our impression of it was that it is the south, with all that implies. To me (and my wife) it felt like a foreign country.

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