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  • On Mon, 6 Jul 2015, 5:49pm PDT in Who should own new categories on patrick.net?, KgK one said:

    Housing, High growth stocks, Buffet high div stocks, Companies hiring, Part time jobs , Robot proof jobs, Hot Skills to acquire for 6 figure income, Prostitution legalize or not , Alternatives till prostitution is legal, Funny websites, How to grow kids smart, Womens equality,

  • On Sun, 31 May 2015, 2:38pm PDT in I'd like to give the world a Coke, 'cept for THAT guy!, KgK one said:

    She should be happy, in Muslim countries, they kill you if you do anything that contradicts a book 1000 year old. Check out pakistan, indonesia , Saudi Arebia, they got 0 tolerance for other culture n religion. They hang u first. I dont see Muslims speaking about it. Book haram kidnaps 1000s of women , why don't they do something. In pakistan, they kidnap non Muslim women, no one cares. Here they try to make big deal for soda, how bout sopping terrorists , handing them over so we dont have to even search or worry about weapons.

  • On Thu, 7 May 2015, 9:56am PDT in Why do drugs cost more in the U.S?, KgK one said:

    Cost of living thats why. In poor countries average salary is 5,000. US average salary is 50,000 . Most of the cost is covered by insurance, so dont worry too much. If everyone starts living like 3rd world countries , I am sure it will go down. I suggest you move to those countries.

    Learning about how and how much a new drug comes out might help you understand the cost.

    In general pharma industry spend 500 million on research and testing one drug. Out of 100, one may become profitable. Hep C drug is exception, not a norm. The facility to make these costs 2 billion. People suing b/c drug has side effects cost lot of money.

    Rich countries is where they can recover this cost. You should thank people who risked so much and spend time to come up with such drugs.
    Average life expectance in 1900 - 30yrs, now its 70. Everyday that you take drug, thank them.

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