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  • On 28 Mar 2014 in Young Americans show growing affinity for Democratic Party, KgK one said:

    Think of country as a wagon . Good economy is moving wagon uphill. There are people who pull the wagon and others who sit and enjoy the wagon.

    intention is that few people will be in wagon and rest will be pulling. when they start serving icecream and lots of goodies to the person in wagon for free, more people want to sit in the wagon. Why would a lazy young person want to work when he can get it for free.

    when ~ 40 percent of people are in the wagon, economy is stand still. little more and it demotivates other 50% from working so economy crashes. Socialism doesn't work. once you don't reward risk and hard work no one will do it. unlike other countries, most people in US have guns and weapons, will be a huge disaster.

  • On 21 Mar 2014 in Female Realtor Raped, KgK one said:

    This is the best news, let realtard know how it feels.

  • On 20 Mar 2014 in Fuck My Asshole Auction..., KgK one said:

    Go on Ebay, curious how many pennies he can fetch

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