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  • On 9 Sep 2014 in I'm liquidating all my stocks and going to cash, KgK one said:

    IWOG, what is your justificaiton for going all cash?

    Obum is following same procedure as clinton, we are at 1998 era, as we raise interest rate, people will come out of bonds and pump money in stocks. I see quiet an upturn till 2017. Then new recession will hit, and stocks will go down 40%.

  • On 11 Aug 2014 in Times of Israel Posted It Is OK to Do Genocide If It Is Against Gazans!, KgK one said:

    Don't think of islam/muslim are religion, think of them as an army. sleeping where they are minority and fighing were they have enough people.

    Israel is surrounded by muslims. If they show any weakness, all 18 million jews will be gone in few years. Muslims will convert you , by putting sword to your throat, taking all young women, and charging taxes . They will do all passive and aggressive to kill anyone and any thought that doesn't agree with them.

    Afgnistan (with those nice Buddha statues) and pakistan were not muslim. they move in claim land, converted, its an army.

    I have not seen anyone be able to live near or with them. In most countries if muslims move in your area, every one leaves and property prices go down. Its similar to virus infection.
    muslim are fighting with jews, christians, Hindus-Buddhists, all other religion, even with muslims. They are army, they must fight otherwise army has no use.

  • On 3 Aug 2014 in Religious ritual spreads herpes to newborns, KgK one said:

    so new born gets blowjob by rabbi? or do women suck newborn's blood

    Saliva is good disinfectant so makes sense, it would be better if they peed on it.
    Newborn has done gay act without even knowing.

    so all new jews were sucked off by their rabbi?

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