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  • On Fri, 1 Jul 2016, 8:35am PDT in Science Friday: Bangladesh bloggers getting murdered, KgK one said:

    Muslim / Muslim countries.

    countries where muslims are minority, They want more rights, even better than your general population. Then they want to make it their own land, don't let them in.

    Countries where muslims are majority, Kill rest of other religion, no freedom. Pakistan, indonesia, bangladesh, nigiria.... list goes on. All these countries were once not muslim. they converted by force with sward. These muslims are so brainwashed, they don't remember that their most of their ancestors and parents were not muslims.

  • On Wed, 1 Jun 2016, 9:13am PDT in Prof. Kevin MacDonald: Can the Jewish Model Help the West Survive?, KgK one said:

    North america isn't for Europeans, they killed off local and took over. Worst immigrants were from Europe (Germans/English). Depends how you look at it , max terrorist.
    They came and were dying of hunger, Indians helped them with food and shelter. Once they settled, they started taking Indian women, jobs, land. They even kicked out people from their own land. Killed of huge numbers. They enslaved rest of world as well, nuked list is huge. English used to bring in machine guns and killed 2000 women and children gathering, many not reported, since English controlled media. Germans killed 6 million jews.

    Point is Smart , hard working people like Einstein, PhDs, and doctors , goo people migration isn't bad thing.

    Muslims immigration is bad though. They are intolarant, and kill or convert. Then claim area as their own land. Any country bordering with Muslim area is fighting terrorists. France, India, Mayanmar, russia, phillipines, greece... goes on. They even fight themselves continuously iraq , iran. originally peaceful areas such as indonesia, pakistan, bangadesh.... were converted in 5 hundred years, now shithole.

    hard to say who is worse.


    Not saying I love or hate corporate , trying to see which s better for middle class.

    By helping companies, aren't u creating jobs? Also if these companies stay in us, we get more jobs.

    Eventual profit from corporate is given to shareholders, which they pay taxes on. If you tax corporate, aren't you taxing same money twice once at corporate and then from person who gets dividends?

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