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  • On Sun, 31 Jan 2016, 12:56pm PST in Patrick Is An Excellent Host, KgK one said:

    Whoever posted it , their grandfather must be pedophile. Patrick get rid of this post.

    Free speech but not personal attcks , specially on host.

    Most people lived 30 years n had sex as soon as they hit puberty at 13 yrs about 100 yrs ago. So techically everyone's ancestors were pedo.

    1/5 of world is still pedo. Even in USA , states have different age limit 14-18.

    To control population they made these rules. Basically follow local rules. Not promoting pedo activity . Just saying rules vary everywhere.

  • On Sun, 24 Jan 2016, 7:02pm PST in The USA Spends More Than Twice as Much Per Capita on Healthcare, KgK one said:

    Can we also have a country chart of per capita fat, n disease number. I get the feeling us is twice costly, because of we have lot more illness.
    People on welfare sit n eat, n reproduce, and have lot of diseases ?

    Another thing is our hospitals are required to treat everyone, illegals n all. I wonder if people from other countries come here to get free medication? No free treatment if u r illegal.

    Also doctors prescribe lot of medication, without discussing side effects. My finger hurts, can i get OxyContin, sure you can.

    Most pharma drugs , n generics are very reasonable price. New and highly innovative drugs cost lot because pharma has to spend .5 billion just come up with one drug and if it fails they lose all that money. It also creats lot of local well paid stem jobs, and improves health. People pay 250k for cars, or 900 for phone and neither saves lives, or fixes your pain. Just keep in mind that lot of those drugs get exported n it brings in money into this country.

  • On Sun, 17 Jan 2016, 2:32pm PST in La. woman videotaped raping 3-year-old boy and having intercourse with a dog, KgK one said:

    I am curious how she got dog to do her. Video would help.

    As for 3 yr old, he isn't getting boner on 1 in dick so, what can she do with her. Bj ? Dont post video of it

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