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  • On 28 Jul 2014 in Brains: were out of em! need more cheap Indians. -Microsoft, KgK one said:

    We should worry about 98% of job loss not 2% in IT.
    In general when there is a manufacturing company, of 5000 people, there are about 50 IT employees. If we bring back Manufacturing from China and Mexico we will have tons of new jobs.

    Obviously IT folks are chatting online and complaining so it feels like all IT jobs are going but truly its a lagging indicator.
    IT jobs are going after Manufacturing jobs left. There are 11,000 companies who moved to china. Most of manufacturing people are less internet savee and don't complain online as much as IT.

  • On 23 Jul 2014 in Israeli navy kills four boys playing on the beach, KgK one said:

    Islam was created by businessman and war lord. What do businessmen want, bigger business money going to saudi. What do war lords want, war so they stay relative.
    Even before islam inception ,its creators are fighting someone. and for last 1000 years it hasn't stopped yet. Islam is not religion, its an army. if people stop fighting , army is not needed. But islam creates rigidity and rules created 1000 years old , that its impossible for anyone to live with. so they will keep fighiting.
    These people are so stressed rigid rules, they will fight forever. In future it will be known as curse that plagued 1200 years.

  • On 16 Jul 2014 in Addendum: No Kids and now, generally losing interest in women, KgK one said:

    Hi Rin, American women are treated best in world and they treat men worst in the world. They are good for dating but marring them is risque.

    Rin , you make finding a whore to fuck sound easy. From what i have read escorts charge 200.

    Where do you find such women easily that u can fK? Craigslist is lists fake ads

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