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  • On Sat, 28 Nov 2015, 12:26pm PST in Happy Shitsgiving Patnet!, KgK one said:

    $ going up so gold down, anyone know howto short gold? Or am i late to the party?

  • On Mon, 16 Nov 2015, 10:30am PST in It's true, Obama is actively importing Muslims, KgK one said:

    Create a site where muslim are near any other religion, and check of all the areas where there is terrorism.
    First they will be nice, then they build fort mosque, then they don't follow local laws and want everyone else to follow their rule. Then they want to take over the country and land. War between Burma baddhist and Bangladeshi muslims, Phillipines, india-pakistan ... list goes on. If you think of them as brainwashed Zombies who gets instruction 5 times a day from allah, you can only survive.

    So Obama is secretly trying to fill his mission, you can't even mention other religion in muslim country without getting killed.

    Why don't muslim countries who protested Charlie habido help out their buddies.
    send them to Pakistan, Saudi arebia etc.

    All countries should join to purge extremism muslims. Maybe this is venting

  • On Sun, 15 Nov 2015, 1:12pm PST in Jihadist says the West can kick out the Muslims any time it wants, KgK one said:

    Out of 1.5 billion , 1 billion were muslim converted by force. Humanity and peace were evolving from Hinduism and Buddhism . Most of Buddhism believed in non violance, vs muslim rulers wo will kill u if you dont convert. Bangladesh, indonesia, pakistan, and parts of India contains 1 billion. Either make them non religious, Buddhist / Hindu like, and 80 percent of violence will disappear.

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