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  • On Sun, 10 Apr 2016, 10:26am PDT in Reference material for my loss of interest in dating women thread, KgK one said:

    I want another family in phillipines . how do I go about doing this? lol I need someone who i can tag along. Rin you need buddy to explore world?

  • On Mon, 4 Apr 2016, 9:33am PDT in What are your favorite investments?, KgK one said:

    Individual stocks, I usually follow Berkshire Hathway and pick some stocks from them, waiting for pull back to buy. Don't buy Berckshire when they announce purchase, wait few months when it settles down a little. Keeping money in Bank unfortunately at less than 1 percent interest waiting for pull back to buy.

    will buy Buy Chipotle and yum brands once they pull back. yum pays div.

    I took beating in 3D printing stocks so being cautious.

    u might not like it but bought home in 2012, best price n lowest interest rate. Bought another rental with good cash flow but people living there are little autistic, didn't realize that till I bought it .

  • On Mon, 22 Feb 2016, 1:46pm PST in Ten Reasons It's A Terrible Time To Buy An Expensive House, KgK one said:

    I am interested in buying in Florida also but i want to where it can be rented easily, with some cashflow.

    and something that can easily be maintained. 2 bed ground floor with 2 bath and all maintenance taken care of.

    you know good realtor and site to find such.

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