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  • On Tue, 28 Jun 2016, 9:02pm PDT in Killing fields: Today guns in America kill as many as during civil war, Quigley said:

    Obama also sold a lot of NRA memberships. Funny how people want to keep their guns even tho they are killing mass numbers of homeboys in the hood...

  • On Tue, 28 Jun 2016, 2:30pm PDT in Ikea Death Furniture : MALM recalls, Quigley said:

    When I first moved to California some new friends suggested I look into some low cost furniture at Ikea. I was amazed at the affordable prices, and bought four pieces including a dresser, an end table, a couch, and a coffee table.
    What a mistake.
    I had tossed out every piece within three years, except the couch which was leather and I managed to sell on Craigslist to a guy for about a quarter the price I paid for it. The wood stuff went into the dumpster after I broke it to pieces in rage about its poor quality. Never IKEA, never again, I swore. The prices were cheap but I might as well have invested in cardboard boxes for my clothes. They would have lasted about as long, and cost less money.
    Don't buy IKEA stuff unless you're itching to completely waste money. You may as well burn your cash. It's absolute shit!
    Everything else since then has been a quality piece of furniture that I've either saved for and bought new or purchased lightly used off Craigslist. I haven't regretted any of those buys.

  • On Tue, 28 Jun 2016, 12:03pm PDT in Texas NRA member executes two daughters, Quigley said:

    Iwog, you link statistics like that and then expect us to trust Hillary with nuclear launch codes?
    It is to laugh...

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