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  • On Wed, 10 Feb 2016, 8:45pm PST in Is a home the new luxury item?, Quigley said:

    Ironman says

    OK, I'll give you a real world example that your premise is wrong regarding supply and demand and higher prices. Here in NJ (which is one of the wealthiest states, more that CA), inventory has DROPPED 24% Y.O.Y, so according to your premise, prices should go UP, right?

    Well, prices have DROPPED Y.O.Y with an inventory DROP of 24%. So, your low supply = higher prices, and More supply = lower prices doesn't hold water.

    Yah but you guys have insanely high real estate taxes, which like Texas, tends to depress house prices. There can be room for more than one factor to influence prices. Also maybe not as many people want to live in your "garden state" as did before. Maybe New Jersey's reputation is catching up to it? Maybe Christie ate your comptroller? Who knows? With anyplace as weird as New Jersey, normal economics go right out the window.

  • On Wed, 10 Feb 2016, 4:58pm PST in Ryerson University blocks Men's rights group, Quigley said:

    Yah supporting the trans movement opened a huge can of worms for feminism. Now they are put in the position of defending men's rights to dominate their private spaces.
    It is to laugh!

  • On Wed, 10 Feb 2016, 4:47pm PST in Is a home the new luxury item?, Quigley said:

    Ironman says

    There's no shortage of houses, just a shortage of people who can buy them

    Nominated for most asinine post of the year!

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