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  • On Wed, 2 Sep 2015, 11:41am PDT in Feminazi paradise CA-fair pay act to be enacted in CA, Quigley said:

    I believe we could say that working moms are by definition hardworking women. Saddling them with unequal pay for the hell they endure to do this double duty is just punitive.

  • On Wed, 2 Sep 2015, 9:39am PDT in Public allowed to use public park in San Francisco!, Quigley said:

    Seems like this company needs less visibility not more. You wouldn't have a complaint if the guy stood back and didn't interfere with an obviously decent citizen while scanning the area for any encroaching human detritus. Can you imagine how awful the thousands of bums would make the park if left to their own devices? Tragedy of the commons indeed.

  • On Wed, 2 Sep 2015, 9:02am PDT in More than half of immigrants on welfare, Quigley said:

    Really? $8/hour is livable? Maybe if you're living in an cardboard box and eating Ramen. Forget (mandatory) health insurance, owning a car, or luxuries like dental cleanings. You're going to be lucky to just keep yourself clean and reasonably presentable while making 40x$8x2000=$16,400/year. Which, by the way, puts you square in the poverty bracket, fully eligible for every type of welfare there is.
    I know you're retired, Fortwayne, but some of us have to actually pay taxes to pay for all this American exceptionalism. And (since the baby boomers spent up all the money in SS) I also have to pay for your SS and Medicare benefits. And you have the gall to complain about socialism and call your funders communists?

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