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  • On 24 Jan 2015 in Crowdfunding for porn, Quigley said:

    They're making an Autoblow? @Rin you know about this? Could save you a lot of hooker money!

  • On 24 Jan 2015 in Nothing Is Going to Save the Housing Market, Quigley said:

    New Jersey is an example of housing prices being killed by very high property taxes. You can afford to pay $8,000/year for that $400k house, but not $16,000 for the $800k house. Raising taxes at the peak just killed things. How the hell do you think Christie got elected?

  • On 24 Jan 2015 in Robots are coming to farm fields near you, Quigley said:

    Strategist says

    FortWayne says

    indigenous says

    FortWayne says

    Ain't gonna happen. Mexicans are still much much cheaper.

    Wouldn't be too sure about that, once a robot is paid for in 3-5 yrs it is free less maintenance.

    I have never seen any kind of technology that is "maintenance free".

    LED lightbulb.

    I haven't had good luck with these. I bought about eight, and one has burnt out, another had its glass globe fall off. I guess the glue holding it on gave way. The burnt out one has a faulty transformer. That's what actually makes them cost so much: each one must include a transformer to convert AC to DC.

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