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  • On 1 Oct 2014 in Ebola out of control, Quigley said:

    HydroCabron says

    It seems that conservatives' first instinct is to look to government to protect them.


    As a conservative, interested in conserving life, liberty, and prosperity, I beg to differ. A true conservative first takes care of their own family, prepares for contingencies, and prepares emergency gear and supplies. A true conservative doesn't ultimately trust government, so relies on themselves. However, conservatives THEN hope the government can handle the problem after all, and are usually in full support of reasonable government efforts to do so.
    It's the liberals who are laid back and so utterly trusting in government that they neglect to do so much as educate themselves about a crisis before becoming swept up into it. Think, the difference between New Orleans residents who evacuated on time or got to high ground vs. the po' state dependents who ended up stuck on top of houses or bridges or inside the Superdome.

    The difference between conservatives and liberals is this: liberals don't think that bad stuff can happen, and trust in government to control all such situations. Conservatives KNOW that bad things can happen, expect them to happen, and try to control the situation ahead of time.

  • On 1 Oct 2014 in Ebola out of control, Quigley said:

    Now they are saying this asshole was in contact with several kids, who are now being kept home from school under observation. Selfish prick to expose children to this monster!!!

  • On 1 Oct 2014 in Ebola out of control, Quigley said:

    So will Ebola be the new "anchor disease?" Immigrants rush over from Africa to squat and drop a fat squalling case of hemorrhagic fever?

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