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  • On 14 Feb 2014 in Higher prices cause sales to plummet, Mark D said:

    Call it Crazy says

    Mark D says

    another thread in which the OP doesn't understand supply and demand.

    Another clueless recent buyer who thinks (in his head) that his castle won't possibly drop in value...

    coming from a delusional perma-bear.

  • On 14 Feb 2014 in The Second Subprime Bubble Is Bursting, Mark D said:

    good luck waiting for the bursting of a fictions housing/subprime bubble. Europe still hasn't recovered so don't expect naive victims to buy toxic RE securities anytime soon. after what happened a few years ago, no bank is going to give out subprime loans if they can't re-package them and sell to unsuspecting investors.

  • On 14 Feb 2014 in Monthly foreclosure filings reverse course, rise 8%, Mark D said:

    Call it Crazy says

    Mark D says

    foreclosures have to to rise 10 times for prices to go back to 2009-2010.

    have fun waiting.

    With the current low inventory situation, it won't take a high percentage of foreclosures to come on the market to drag down prices....

    but foreclosures lead to higher level of inventory.

    you are still incorrect regardless. prices cannot go down with this level of inventory.

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