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  • On 17 Sep 2014 in The CPI Came in Negative- Will Yellen Freak Out?, marco said:

    What's next ? The Fed continues to rape America (98% of it), and most of the under-developed world.

    'Mericans will continue to believe the Fed is a government agency, though you'll find it next to Federal Express in the phone book ( NOT under government offices).

    The Fed will continue to "accommodate" the rich, and hand everyone's 5% CD and passbook returns to 25 year old thieves on Wall Street.

    The Fed has of course come up with a "Ashkenzi Grandmother" as Fed Chief (3rd in a row) to administer the poison.


  • On 16 Sep 2014 in Housing's Fed-induced bear market rally is a reflated bubble ready to pop again, marco said:

    Amen - darlag

    Now how about some jail time for those "not on the list" ....

    sure ..... with a supine Attorney General to wipe your feet on...it'll never happen.

    Change You Can Believe In

  • On 16 Sep 2014 in 1 in 5 need credit card to survive, marco said:

    Why is everybody so ungrateful to the efforts of the War Party Of The Rich in Washington, D.C. ?

    Why don't the Millennials want to buy GM death cars on 7 year "loans" ? Or houses with 40 year amortizations from our most generous Banksters? How should we deal with these Un-Americans, who refuse all the gifts of the Demopublicans ( or is it the Republicrats?).

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