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  • On 2 Nov 2013 in frustrated, woppa said:

    I have only two things to say to this. #1. Jesus was a communist. Christians aren't so into Christianity obviously. #2. Marijuana more dangerous than cigarettes...bahahahahaha. Oh, this is just too funny.

  • On 4 Oct 2013 in Neurotic, Fearful Yuppies Can Kill You. And Get Away With It., woppa said:

    Blurtman says

    Driving alongside a vehicle is not a crime. Hitting someone and fleeing is.

    It gets down to how neurotic or perhaps obstinate the person is. How their beliefs and fears trap them into a situation that causes then to harm others.

    Would every person react as George Zimmerman did? No. His belief system and fears caused him to do what he did.

    Would everyone react as the driver did? No. He was likely a neurotic, fearful doofus or perhaps reactive fellow who should have just chilled out, pulled over, and let the bikers pass.

    The only thing the guy did wrong is not throwing it in reverse and zig zagging periodically. Fuck those lowlives with low IQs. The paralyzed guy had like 17 violations and no license. Yea, too bad.

  • On 21 Sep 2013 in No thanks,I'll have water., woppa said:

    Homeboy says

    mell says

    It can contain traces of antibiotics and hormones though, more likely for conventional milk.

    Nah, that's just more scare tactics. Studies have shown there is no difference between milk from cows that get rBST and cows that don't.

    Lmao wait who's the gullible one here? Wonder why it is that rBST is BANNED in other countries but not ours. Think it could be the fact that it's linked to cancer? Come on now, who's the gullible one again?

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