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  • On 4 Jun 2013 in Paying $3,000 rent per month is slavery, ordertaker said:

    You cannot avoid property tax, insurance and maintenance costs by renting. The landlord simply passes them on to you. Unless you are planning to move in with your kids or live under a bridge, housing costs will likely be higher at your retirement time even if they flucuate until then. If you want to live in the same area, you are better off buying now and paying off your principal as quickly as possible.

  • On 26 Mar 2013 in New down payment requirements could crash housing again, ordertaker said:

    PNC just gave my client a 4% fixed rate with 5% down on a 30 year conventional mortgage and she had a late mortgage payment on her old house in the last 12 months. Even with PMI, her PITI payment is far lower than rent.

  • On 16 Feb 2013 in God Made a Realtor - YouTube, ordertaker said:

    It's a parody of another video. I thought it was cute, but I'm a Realtor. Lol.

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