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Please don't confuse me with Facts, they get in the way of my distorted view of the world.

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  • On Wed, 7 Oct 2015, 12:51pm PDT in Realtor flashes boobs during flight, TechGromit said:

    You playing with fire when you give the flight attendants any trouble, if they think your going to be a trouble passenger, they will ban you from the airline, And chances are if one airline bans you, others will quickly follow suit. Then your stuck with taking the bus next time you have to travel. What ever you do, don't piss off or get into arguements with the flight staff. .

  • On Sat, 25 Jul 2015, 6:01pm PDT in Solar Bonds, TechGromit said:

    Also at the end of 20 years, the solar company takes the panels back, you may have the option to buy them.

    So let's recap there.

    1. You lease the panels for 20 years, at full cost of the panels and at inflated price.
    2. The solar company gets all the state and federal tax incentives.
    3. At the end of 20 years, you still don't own the panels, but you may purchase them, probably at an inflated price, because what they really want you to do is sign another 20 lease. We gonna keep there suckers hooked.
    4. Selling you house in the future will be difficult at best, you'll probably have to cut the price of your house to sell.
    5. From what I'm reading customer service is horrible, not to mention shoddy workman ship, the net is full of stories of systems systems incorrectly install, NOT generating electricity and still on the hook for the monthly lease payments,

  • On Thu, 23 Jul 2015, 10:37am PDT in Solar Bonds, TechGromit said:

    Honestly I don't like there business model, I can't help to wonder if people will wise up and it will adversely affect there bottom line. Not to mention what happens if the rebate is allowed to expire. There basic business model is:

    They lease the panels to you, you pay a monthly lease fee

    They Over estimate the amount of power the panels will produce, so your electricity saving are not as rosy as they claim they are.

    The cost of the panels are inflated, so your not getting a deal on the panels, your paying a premium for them.

    They keep the 30% tax rebate
    If you want to sell you house in the future, the new owners have to assume the lease on the lousy deal you brokered. I'm sure it's going to affect real estate values, after all if you have a choice between two houses, one with a lease panels to deal with and one without, which would you pick?

    Overall it's a lousy deal for the homeowners, Now if you installed your own panels and you own them, it's a different story. You get the 30% tax rebate and the panels will add value to your house, not subtract. Not to mention if you take a loan out to pay for the panels, they will continue to produce electricity years after the loan is paid off. Solar Panels could last 50 years or more if not damaged.

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