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Please don't confuse me with Facts, they get in the way of my distorted view of the world.

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  • On 14 Jul 2013 in Fla. mom gets 20 years for firing warning shots - CBS News, TechGromit said:

    Isn't it obvious? She's Black and Zimmerman is white... well OK he's Hispanic, but he's pretty close to being white (his father is White), so he's OK in my book.

    From Zimmerman's trial, we learn apparently is perfectly acceptable to kill African Americans, Get yours today before there are none of them left.

  • On 11 Jul 2013 in Typically Felonious Scum-Sucking Santa Clarita Realtor Gets 5 Years for Ponzi, TechGromit said:

    She was ordered to pay $2.389 million in restitution, but those victims will never see that money. Hell it's not easy to earn 2.3 million when you have a successful business, and she going to with a conviction on her record, her business and credibility destroyed?

  • On 3 Jul 2013 in Snowden urges Americans to confront the "growing danger of tyranny", TechGromit said:

    Snowden was a fool. In the end he will end up in a federal prison for the rest of his life. No country wants to accept him, he's a liability, not an asset. He has no state secrets to bargain with, he already gave them all away. He doesn't have any money either. if he was independently wealthy, I'm sure some Country would accept him, but without money, who is going want to support his lazy ass once he arrives? Another state welfare case?

    I don't feel sorry for him, it's no great revelation to me that the NSA records Americans conversations without there knowledge. The NSA doesn't care whose cheating on who or what pretty crimes they committed, they are interested in terrorists and other threats to our country. When NSA recordings of American conversations without court orders are used to court as evidence for petty crimes people committed, THEN I would get very concerned.

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