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  • On 25 Jan 2013 in Vintage 1989 RE Article- Bay Area versus Dallas, tannenbaum said:

    B.A.C.A.H. says

    Well that is interesting. The article is about a young couple who left the Left Coast for greener prairies in Dallas.
    I googled their names to see how things worked out in the big-D. Guess what! One of them has a linked in listing that says "San Francisco Bay Area."
    So yep, to finish your sentence
    "... the more things stay the same."

    LOL. too funny. Well, on page 2 of the article the wife admits that they want to move back to California within 5 to 10 years, despite the greener pastures of Dallas. It appears that's exactly what they did.

  • On 10 Jan 2013 in Anyone think housing will recover?, tannenbaum said:

    iwog says

    Housing will recover and return to 2006 highs by 2020 and likely sooner. I don't think there is any question. The model for this recovery is the Canadian housing market.

    The United States energy boom is substantial and 2nd and 3rd tier economic effects are starting to be felt. Furthermore we'll see a medical services boom funded by the richest segment of America as they retire: Baby boomers.

    Wages will start to rise and unemployment will continue to drop. Bank it.

    And the Fed will still keep rates at zero and start QE #12. The result will be 1% 30 year mortgages and 0.5% 15 year mortgages.

  • On 9 Jan 2013 in Why is for sale inventory so low?, tannenbaum said:

    Bellingham Bill says

    tannenbaum says

    lack of inventory problem

    Denver doesn't seem to have a lack of inventory


    Maybe not, but it's half what it was 2 years ago and is at its lowest now since at least 2006.

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