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  • On Mon, 4 May 2015, 1:15pm PDT in 40% of aid to "poor" actually paid to doctors, nw888 said:

    From the article:

    In this case, the folks playing the role of the terrorists in making big money demands are the doctors and other health care providers. In other words, they are David Brooks' cardiologist neighbor who gets well over $400,000 a year in large part due to payments from the government.

    That cardiologist makes money regardless. If it's not through medicaid, then it's from a private insurance company. Does he deserve that much money? Sure. He went to school for 15 years and made nothing during that time. Now he's making the big bucks, at 35, with $300K in debt and no savings.

    Is he spending time lobbying the government for higher medical costs so he can get paid? Not a chance.

    Insurance goes up because of the uninsured, people constantly wasting hospital time seeking out narcotics, etc. Also because of doctors that order unnecessary tests (not to make a hospital money, because they really don't care), in order to cover themselves from frivolous lawsuits, which occur often because "I'm dying and it couldn't be my fault! It's yours, because you can't fix me now that it's too late."

  • On Mon, 4 May 2015, 10:03am PDT in 40% of aid to "poor" actually paid to doctors, nw888 said:

    And in other news--Food stamps go to grocery stores. Those evil grocery stores.

  • On Mon, 27 Jan 2014, 1:27am PST in This is your last chance......., nw888 said:

    Hey Iwog, do you foresee this Chinese money ever drying up once the RE bubble over there bursts? I think that is the only thing that may slow this market down.

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