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  • On 15 Dec 2013 in First time house purchase loan questions.., B.A.C.A.H. said:


    I am just about done following this website. The only reason I looked at it today was to try to figure out how to delete my account (I cannot figure it out).

    Don't expect to look at it again.

    If you want an opinion from me, I will tell you in person at City Lights Expresso in downtown Santa Clara some time.

    - Bay Arean, Cool And Hip.

  • On 1 Dec 2013 in Economic Prediction Thread for 2014, B.A.C.A.H. said:

    sp = 1850

    gold = 1200

    real estate: up in Fortess Communities coveted by rich Asians and Rich Kid Hipsters (*), down by a tiny amt everywhere else.

    (*) SF and that newly named "Silicon Coast" near LA

  • On 29 Nov 2013 in Yes it could happen..., B.A.C.A.H. said:

    thats because inflation is inflation and rising prices is rising prices. Not always the same thing.

    Purchasing power of our wages is falling. That is what really matters, whatever you wanna call it. (Our standard of living?)

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