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  • On 31 Jul 2014 in What is up with the rash of trashy posts lately?, mmmarvel said:

    Peter P says

    People should be taking a lot more vacation than the 2-4 weeks per year they are "earning."

    If you want that then don't take a job that doesn't offer it. When you accept a job you accept the job. It's not like - "Okay, you're hired, BUT, we're not going to tell you how much we're going to pay, you'll find out on pay day. You don't know how much vacation you get, but ask for some time off for a vacation and we'll tell you if you've got enough time." Look, you don't like the job for WHATEVER reason, then don't accept it. I've quit jobs for better pay elsewhere or better benefits elsewhere or because I thought I wasn't being treated well.

  • On 31 Jul 2014 in Should buyer or seller pay for hail damage before closing ?, mmmarvel said:

    If the deal closed (and it sounds like it did) then it's on the buyer. If the damage was found out and brought up, even at closing - then it could be/should be negotiated, or the buyer could back out and only lose the earnest money. The sellers insurance should cover it up to the point of closing, the seller should push on that insurance company and the buyer and seller should split the cost of the deductible.

  • On 31 Jul 2014 in Hideous Oakland Kitchens - At Least the Water Heater is Strapped, mmmarvel said:

    And I love it - in the listing description, "low pest report". Gads, you folks think this is great stuff, eh??FortWayne says

    That water heater isn't up to code.

    And what do you think is out of code??? It has a vent, about the only thing that I see that is out of code MIGHT be that it MIGHT need a drain pan (and some place for the pan to drain to) but that issue could be argued.

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