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  • On Tue, 28 Jun 2016, 10:06am PDT in Free Credit Report and Credit Card Recommendation Please, mmmarvel said:

    Ironman says

    What's the "catch". Who do they sell your information to?

    Actually I've not been bothered at all - about the WORST of it is very occasionally when I log onto the site it will make suggestions about cards that I might want to apply for, but I don't get email or mail from the credit card companies. No, at least for me it's been all good.

  • On Tue, 28 Jun 2016, 9:02am PDT in Free Credit Report and Credit Card Recommendation Please, mmmarvel said:

    I use (and have for several years) creditkarma.com - gives you Transunion and Equifax scores and is totally free. As for credit cards I lean heavily on the Citibank Double Cash card that gives me 2% cash back. I usually get between $30 - $60 a month refund/rebate, however you do have to have a fairly decent credit score to get it. Yeah, go to creditkarma for your report.

  • On Mon, 27 Jun 2016, 7:13pm PDT in U.S. Housing Prices are Never Going to Down, But Humor Me..., mmmarvel said:

    Ironworker says

    I believe it will go down, not much, for very brief period of time before it goes up again. Maybe 10-15% in SF Bay Area.

    The difference is that it will be a buyers market and buyers will have little, little, little more to chose from and little less competition.

    Then here is an idea - move away from the SF area.

    Ironworker says

    The fact is we all who didn't buy in 2011-2014 are regretting it. I'm one of them.

    It was oportunity of a lifetime we probably won't see anymore.

    Agreed, we bought in 2011 (in Houston) and the house has more than doubled what we paid for it. By the same token, if we sell the stuff that is out there now is too expensive for us. Guess I'll wait till it triples in value.

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