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  • On Fri, 17 Apr 2015, 12:10pm PDT in Low wage workers demand $15/hour, mmmarvel said:

    sbh says

    For both my wife and me, the greatest and happiest days for each as small business owners was when we chose to get rid of employees and work our respective businesses by ourselves

    Bingo - however, there is only so much time in a day and trying to stay open and run the business 16 hours a day, 7 days a week and then still have to do the books and bills after I closed the doors ... it tells on one.

    sbh says

    Employees largely don't understand and appreciate business risk. Employers largely don't understand and appreciate the tragedy of the commons.

    I agree about the employee part of the statement. However as someone who has been/is a common man, I appreciate exactly what they are living with.

  • On Fri, 17 Apr 2015, 11:36am PDT in Low wage workers demand $15/hour, mmmarvel said:

    Quigley says

    Employees must retain the right to collectively bargain for wages and benefits, and the government must secure them this right.

    And the employer must retain the right to refuse to deal with a union, and the government must secure them this right.

    A question to you Quigley - have you ever run a business? I mean a venture where it's YOUR money that thought up, bought up and is responsible for everything that happens. If people do (or do not) frequent your business, the bottom line lands on your plate. I'm not talking about running a side business where if it succeeds or fails you're still covered as far as money coming in the door - no, I'm talking if the money doesn't come through the door, you're counting your pennies to see which bill you're going to kick down the road; waiting for the money to finally come through the door. Ever run a business like that? Where YOU are responsible for the rent, the utilities, the advertisement, the employees, the whole ball of wax? I have, and I failed, I also succeeded (in a different venture) to a modest degree. Dealing with employees is (for the most part) a pain. I did have a business where the employees told me that they were joining a union. I thanked them and then closed the business in a week. If you come to me and we make a deal on how much I'm paying you, that's it. Doesn't matter if I'm making money hand over fist or if I'm starving, we made a deal and you will get paid regardless of how business is going for me. My employees had the idea I was doing well (I wasn't) so instead of getting raises and Lord knows what else they were going to ask for ... they were left with no job. As I said, I wasn't doing that well, so it was a plus for me too.

    Again, I ask, have you ever run a business?

  • On Fri, 17 Apr 2015, 11:03am PDT in Californias unemployment rate decreases to 6.5 percent, mmmarvel said:

    Yup, the burger flipping and WalMart jobs abound.

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