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  • On 22 Sep 2014 in Spain Mandates Public Companies "Stop the Bleeding" No More Layoffs, mmmarvel said:

    Wow, now is that cool or what?? I mean, even though my products cost more to produce than previously and even though my sales are lower and I'm bleeding money - the government will force me to stay open?? Really?? I'm guessing at some point I'll just hand the government the keys and leave the country (and maybe NOT in that order). You have no more money but you can not lay anyone off and must pay all the employees.

  • On 22 Sep 2014 in Trying to retire with a mortgage, mmmarvel said:

    wave9x says

    Government pensions should either be eliminated or given to all citizens. What makes government workers so special that they deserve a pension and others do not? It used to be they would get crap pay in return for sweet benefits, but now their salaries are comparable.

    And you would know my salary is comparable how??? No, I've worked in private industry and made much more. Why am I now in government? Job security is a bit better and there is a defined pension, both of which are tenable in private industry.

  • On 22 Sep 2014 in Falling vegetable prices in France have farmers burning buildings in protest, mmmarvel said:

    Peter P says

    The decline of a society begins when its citizens put imaginary ideals above economic freedom.

    Oh you mean like Obama and his supporters.

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