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  • On 29 Sep 2014 in Zillow crashes California home prices, mmmarvel said:

    BoomAndBustCycle says

    But it's light years better than what the consumer had access to pre-zillow.

    I guess it's relative. Zillow had my home estimated (zestimated) at $170K, a professional estimate came in at $155K. Since I'd bought the house for $118K I was fine, but yeah, I'd expected/hoped for more since the zestimate.

  • On 29 Sep 2014 in Utah Headlines - yea, we talk funny here..., mmmarvel said:

    elliemae says

    by the way, it's pronounced "her-uh-kin

    I know - down here we have a suburb that is spelled Humble. We all know how to pronounce that, right? No, while someone can be humble down here, the way you pronounce the town is "Um-bell".

  • On 28 Sep 2014 in Amazon crushes local economies, mmmarvel said:

    Peter P says

    Yes, impulse purchases. You hold something in your hand and you want it NOW.

    More than that, something that I want/need that will help/simplify or whatever the situation. In about half the cases (maybe more) I could get by, make do with something else, put it off or whatever - but if I CAN get my hands on it right now, then I can move on. Those kind of buying situations.

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