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  • On Tue, 17 May 2011, 7:32am PDT in Another agent tells me not to bother bidding on a short sale, RayAmerica said:

    rubyrae says

    Why are mountains of shadow inventory being held back?

    You answered your own question. They are holding back the shaddow inventory in order to prop up current prices.

    rubyrae says

    A lot of people just take their realtors word as the Gospel, which at this point could be financial suicide if you are with the wrong realtor.

    Why would anyone take ANYONE'S word for anything in a business transaction? Realtors don't have the corner on corruption. As far as telling the truth on any matter, can you name a poltician that doesn't lie?

    PS: I was not directing my post to you. It was to Mr. Iwog (the Duck).

  • On Tue, 17 May 2011, 7:19am PDT in Ethics and Economics, RayAmerica said:

    John Talbott says

    How do you feel after you sell a used car you know has transmission problems to an unsuspecting buyer for a big price? Enormous pleasure or enormous guilt and remorse? These are not solely genetic influences at work, they reflect your life view.

    America seems to want to have it both ways. We scoff at "morals," and then scream to high heaven when someone takes advantage of us in a business transaction. There was a time in this country when, in describing a person, the adage "he's a God fearing man" was a supreme compliment on a person's character. Why? Because it was understood that if a person "fears God," he or she won't have a "moral" struggle as to whether or not they should "cheat" someone. They will know that even when no one else sees, God does.
    Take particular note that I purposely did not mention anything about "religion." Religious people can often fool others, along with themselves. They can't fool the One that sees and hears everything. America is in a deep financial crisis. It is highly questionable as to whether or not we can survive much longer if we continue along our current path. The French historian Tocqueville was correct when he observed: "The secret to America's greatness is its goodness. When America ceases to be good, it will cease to be great." We cannot assume to demand morality in others when we ourselves are not living according to that high standard.

  • On Tue, 17 May 2011, 7:00am PDT in TAXES: Do We Pay Enough?, RayAmerica said:

    tatupu70 says

    Just curious-what exactly do you find fraudulent in the theory? You’re not alone in that opinion… Please be specific.

    First, Keynesian economics fails to understand the necessary natural forces in an economy, and therefore attempts to manipulate those forces by the infusion or removal of money from the economy through a variety of means. Economies periodically need to be cleansed of abuses, but with politics, which cannot be separated from Keynesian economics, this is nearly impossible. For example: let's say that an economy is naturally slowing after a prolonged economic expansion. During that expansion, confidence is running high, which further promotes more risk in the way of excessive borrowing that will be used by businesses to expand in order to keep up with the PERCEIVED future demand. During a boom period such as this, all kinds of abuses take place by lenders and borrowers alike (i.e. recent housing bust) because they feel there is "no end in sight" for their prosperity. However, as is always, another business cycle kicks into gear and (for a variety of reasons) the economy begins to slow. If allowed to take its natural course, the economy will go into a recession, which will naturally cleanse the system of the past abuses, and the economy will typically recover to start the slow, natural expansion all over again. Instead of allowing this natural, cleansing process to proceed, the Keynesian (and the administration) determines that the business cycle can be suspended with the infusion of "new" money by lowering interest rates. Why? In order to keep the economy humming along (with all its abuses) during the current administrations term in office. (Nothing spells quicker doom for a leader of a nation than a prolonged, economic downturn with high unemployment, i.e. deep recession). As the economy continues to slide, the Keynesian continues to lower interest rates in order to artificially prop up the falling economy. Japan is the perfect example of this; after a long recession and the real estate bubble, etc. Japan's central bank eventually lowered interest rates to 0%. The economy still did not recover and the recession was therefore prolonged even longer due to the fact that the very abuses that CAUSED the downturn in the first place, remained and were further expanded. In short, Keynesian Economics foolishly attempts to manipulate the natural forces of a free market, which, in the long run, makes the economy that much weaker. The USA is following Japan in lock step fashion. By doing so, we are debasing our currency, increasing our exposure to insurmountable debt, encouraging continued reckless economic behavior, while not solving anything in the process. I could go on, but will stop here .... Does that answer your question?

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