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  • On Mon, 24 Feb 2014, 6:17am PST in Is it time to declare San Francisco, an overrated city?, DukeLaw said:

    donjumpsuit says

    Another reason for me living on the east coast, in the suburbs of Boston in specific, is I can be in a crowd of 1000 people, and see only white people.

    In California I can be in a crowd of 1000 people, and I am the only white person.

    Those are the extremes, but I have experienced them both.

    Ok, so you're a white guy who wants to hang around only white people. Instead of Boston, maybe you should head someplace even more regressive....maybe Jackson, Mississippi (but stay on the "right side" of town)

    As for Boston, don't pretend it hasn't undergo some major clean-up of its own. I remember the Red Light District right next to Chinatown. That was a mess.

    As for outdoorsy stuff, you lose. You're going to try to match Maine/Vermont with Yosemite/Tahoe/Carmel/Mendocino? Okemo versus Squaw or Heavenly? Sea Kayaking in New England versus Monterey or Tomales Bay? Cycling--Boston loses. Climbing--Boston loses (Gunks versus Yosemite, Pinnacles and Tahoe). Surfing--Boston loses.

    Yeah, autumn is beautiful but I wouldn't trade it for no mosquitos and year round cycling.

  • On Mon, 24 Feb 2014, 6:07am PST in Renting is your best bet, DukeLaw said:

    A lot of you guys don't seem to understand that Silicon Valley is not just startups. Even at a "regular" tech company you have RSOs, stock matching 401s and employee stock plans. Separate from my salary, I was averaging 10,000 shares a year at around 2.50 cost basis (for the stock plan--free in the 401) over 5 years. Stock hit $10 last year. That's half a million that I wasn't planning on.

    Sold my condo last year. Bought it 3 years ago to avoid paying rent in SF for $580k. Sold at $850k and moved into my fiance's place.

    There's no wrong or right answer. Just be smart for your financial circumstances.

  • On Sat, 21 Sep 2013, 6:33pm PDT in 48% of Americans to Receive Subsidy for Obamacare. Who Pays for that?, DukeLaw said:

    Wow, the alarmist got owned.

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