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  • On Fri, 11 Oct 2013, 7:02am PDT in Disability Fraud solution., Honest Abe said:

    Why Bob, what a hurtful thing to say.

    You are right in that Glenn Beck is the author. And the books cover says: Glenn Becks COMMON SENSE. The case against an Out-of Control government, inspired by Thomas Paine.

    What I called the book in my previous post was: Common Sense, The case against an Out-of-Control government, inspired by Thomas Paine.

    Mentioning Thomas Paine is completely intellectually honest because that is exactly what is on the cover of the book and that is exactly what I stated.

    Anyway, if you see something, say something. Its a simple way of minimizing social security (actually socialized insecurity) and
    disability fraud.

    Are we still friends? Because I don't know if I could go on if you weren't my friend.

  • On Fri, 11 Oct 2013, 5:35am PDT in Disability Fraud solution., Honest Abe said:

    UpSideDown - if you took an oath for any of the branches of service you would know its NOT an oath to defend this country. Its an oath to support and defend THE CONSTITUTION of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.

    The Constitution, you know that thing that all liberals hate, even though its the law of the land.

    By the way, the book I referred to is not a 230+ year old book, it was copyrighted in 2009.

    Geeezzz, you need to educate yourself. Sorry to point out all of this to you...are we still friends?

  • On Thu, 10 Oct 2013, 8:54am PDT in Disability Fraud solution., Honest Abe said:

    Well they did create the Constitution didn't they? And they didn't intend a leviathan government of bloated NON Constitutional bureaucracies, did they?

    upsidedown, seems to me that you are the ignorant and misguided one..

    May I suggest the book "Common Sense" The Case Against an Out of Control Government, inspired by Thomas Paine? You may learn something.


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