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  • On 15 Apr 2014 in I find it interesting...., tatupu70 said:

    indigenous says

    I have hired & fired people who did prison(not jail) time for assault & battery, I worked for a guy connected to the mafia up until he had someone killed, I have been threatened by an individual with a pound of cocaine in one hand and a mac 10 in the other, I started out as a union carpenter and moved to other things.

    You may want to consider doing background checks as part of the interviewing process. Just a thought.

  • On 13 Apr 2014 in Middle Class was "Fed" to the Sharks, tatupu70 said:

    Reality says

    You were the idiot who didn't know what "so long as cash flow works" means in real estate investing (and many other lines of business that live off loans); that is a reference to marginal borrowers and ponzi borrowers who have to roll over debt principal on continuous basis.

    I know what it meant, assclown. And your explanation is not correct. Regardless--congrats--you've now managed to completely derail the discussion as is your goal.

  • On 13 Apr 2014 in Middle Class was "Fed" to the Sharks, tatupu70 said:

    bob2356 says

    No one should have made any of the owners whole. All of them should have went to bankruptcy court and had their carcasses plucked by the responsible banks. If the head of treasury wasn't the former head of GS that's what would have happened.

    I think everyone agrees what should have happened in a perfect world. The reason it didn't happen was very complicated, IMO. Not as simple as you suggest...

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