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  • On 26 Aug 2014 in My first real estate bear thread (ever), hrhjuliet said:

    First post of interest I have seen on Pat.net in awhile. Thank you Iwog.

    Why too late to sell this year?
    Are you planning to wait until spring?

    iwog says

    Portal says

    So iwog...

    You always say put your money where your mouth is. What are your plans with your holdings? If in other threads you are predicting a higher stock market are you going to liquidate any of your real estate portfolio for higher returns?

    Too late to sell this year. I might start in 2015 and will definitely sell some in 2016 which is something I've planned on already. I'd like to have more money to put in stocks but there's just no way to do it on short notice.

    Also a two year flat RE market will be further evidence that we're living in the 1920s and it will certainly strengthen this model.

  • On 5 Jul 2014 in Bay Area prices and everywhere else., hrhjuliet said:

    Oregon, Washington and Utah seem to be going down, down, down. I was wondering if anyone felt this was the end of the readjustment there, or do you think there will be even lower prices next year? The Bay Area doesn't seem to be going up, but prices are still insane. I was thinking of selling my home in the Bay Area and buying there. Prices are cheap enough in the north that my whole family could move there with money in the bank from selling their Bay Area homes. I don't know anything about the northern area's markets, so I couldn't tell if they have also started to just flat line and what we are seeing is their bottom. I don't want to buy now and have it go down a lot more by next summer. I don't see much change happening in the Bay Area market, so selling now or latter doesn't matter here, but I'm afraid of buying now in the north while it's on its way down.

  • On 4 Jul 2014 in Bay Area prices and everywhere else., hrhjuliet said:

    Patrick? IWOG? Logan? Anybody out there?

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