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  • On 30 Jul 2014 in HVAC repair - weird industry, BoomAndBustCycle said:

    YesYNot says

    Sure enough, the $300 part did the trick.

    How much is your time worth though? All that internet research can take awhile.. and then on top of that the installation time doing it yourself. I commend you if you can do it all in a reasonable amount of time though. But prepare for more stuff to go wrong. I repaired my 56" DLP HDTV the same way a few years ago.. it broke again a year later and needed another part. Which i replaced and it still wouldn't work. That was basically a crappy samsung set that they discontinued due to bad capacitors that caused lots of stuff to overheat.

    My HVAC was 19 years old.. I just had it replace with an entry level 13 SEER American Standard system. I'm happy with my decision, it's hit close to 100 degrees the past month atleast once a week... and the system humms right a long.

  • On 28 Jul 2014 in What is up with the rash of trashy posts lately?, BoomAndBustCycle said:

    dodgerfanjohn says

    However, at AT&T last night, I heard three slurs about Mexicans shouted out. I was REALLY surprised at this due to the Bay Area's very liberal reputation.

    I think these two guys ugly mugs will brew up some racist rhetoric for few more years, sadly. Cracker and gringo just don't have the same ZING to them when yelled out in a ballpark. Which is probably why you don't hear much racist banter at Dodgers stadium.

  • On 24 Jul 2014 in Appraisal To Remove PMI..., BoomAndBustCycle said:

    I'm pretty sure PROP 13 prevents that... We didn't do any permitted additions, like adding square footage.. besides installing a new HVAC system. When we refinanced the appraisal had no effect on our tax basis. Even though that appraisal was higher than our purchase price.

    I will let you know... It would suck to get reassessed tax wise... but at least I could write off 25% of of that... Right now I make too much money and PMI isn't a write off at all.

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