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  • On 15 Nov 2014 in Western population: Dumber and Dumber, BoomAndBustCycle said:

    Quigley says

    The problem is this:

    1) we make life hard for smart, productive people

    2) we make life easy for dumb, unproductive people

    The result is predictable: smart productive people have fewer or no kids, and dumb unproductive people have tons of kids.

    End result: lots of dumb unproductive people

    How does this serve society? By reducing education progress? By increasing crime? By increasing the load of welfare cases?

    This is why the GOP wins. Because it appeals to the very fabric of our competitive DNA when it criticizes welfare and the perpetuation of useless people. We don't need more Trayvon Martins or Ferguson denizens. They just add to society burden.

    The irony is they want to outlaw abortion and make birth control difficult as he'll to access.

  • On 15 Nov 2014 in Western population: Dumber and Dumber, BoomAndBustCycle said:

    Quigley says

    There's a reason that conservatives get so upset about welfare. It enables an unfair competitive advantage to the unqualified and uncompetitive. It defies Darwin's Law of Survival of the Fittest, and gives the advantage to the least fit.

    That's why the GOP gains such success with demonizing welfare recipients. The competitive nature of reproductive survival is written into our genetic code.

    Yet they are fighting tooth and nail to outlaw abortion and access to birth control. Hypocrisy much?

  • On 14 Nov 2014 in Finally Obama does something really good., BoomAndBustCycle said:

    I live in LA area... I have the choice of TWC or FIOS.... The prices are pretty much identical. Same price in collusion isnt a lot of choice. They are utility companies.... and should be treated as such. And don't tell me DSL or satellite internet are options... That's like saying dial up is and option.

    Atleast TWC and FIOS upgraded their speeds recently... They are atleast throwing is a bone.

    Call it Crazy says

    Strategist says

    the consumer is very limited in having a choice of which company they want to deal with,

    FortWayne says

    Because I know cable companies are not on my side, they are trying to squeeze us,

    And you think Obama is doing this to "help" YOU??

    In most metro areas, you have at least 3 choices for an ISP. Some even more. The same as with cellular providers... How many different ones do you need?

    Do you really want the government to step in and control the Internet? Think long and hard before answering....

    Just remember the bang up job they've done with everything else they've put their hands on!

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