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  • On Tue, 10 May 2016, 4:05pm PDT in Study: Fatal traffic accidents involving marijuana double after state legalizes, BoomAndBustCycle said:

    Just mandate everyone drive a self-driving vehicle when Tesla is done with them... everyone gets a free government car. Deaths drop to zero... But the government doesn't care.

  • On Tue, 10 May 2016, 2:31pm PDT in Confirmation that Bernie Sanders is selling a fantasy agenda, BoomAndBustCycle said:

    It's foolish trying to calculate the tax payer costs of Bernie's plan for free healthcare and college. It would require a complete dismantling of the current system. Professor's salaries and tenure... would have to been thrown out the window. Everyone that works for health insurance companies would need to be shown the door.. and retrained in different careers. Doctors and health professionals would all have to take huge pay cuts.

    There would only be room for a small private version of college and health insurance for the 1%. It would be chaotic and unfair for many hardworking professionals who paid their dues in the short term. The real money savings would come from the top executives and chairmen of all these companies being shown the door.

    The only way to make it work is to slowly expand medicare over the course of decades. Any attempt to overhaul the system swiftly would be chaotic.

    But those that currently don't have good paying jobs or feel like they aren't on any path to success have nothing to lose by rooting for chaotic change.

  • On Sun, 24 Apr 2016, 11:07pm PDT in The days of a 25% guaranteed return are over......, BoomAndBustCycle said:

    iwog says

    Be warned however that once you sell your shares, you CANNOT use the purchase price as your basis. You will receive a statement showing the real basis after your years of deductions and equity share distributions. It will generally raise your long term capital gains liability, which is a good thing if you've been taking deductions every year. It's one of the tricky ways that rich people convert income into cap gains tax rates.

    I file my taxes with Turbo Tax and just import my TDAmeritrade info automatically to calculate my cost basis and determine exactly what I owe. Will this work for an oddball stock like ARLP?

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