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  • On Wed, 21 Jan 2015, 4:15pm PST in Can you afford it., BoomAndBustCycle said:

    I think it's because there are tons of people with VERY VERY specific skill sets that live in Los Angeles. Specifically in the entertainment film and television industry... One of the United States LARGEST exports to the world by the way.

    They aren't going to get paid even 1/5 of what they make in Los Angeles elsewhere. Making USED car commercials in Idaho or working local news doesn't really pay as much. So they suck it up, cash the big paychecks and overpay for housing.

    It's that.. or move to Idaho and learn a totally new skill... cause their advanced producing, editing, directing, camera operating, lighting, photography, sound engineering skills just don't translate outside of the big cities.

  • On Mon, 19 Jan 2015, 5:37pm PST in All about San Francisco Tech Companies, BoomAndBustCycle said:

    You should open it up to the "Silicon Beach" tech companies that are moving in to Southern California, specifically Los Angeles. Widen the conversation a bit.

  • On Mon, 8 Dec 2014, 11:52pm PST in Obama now losing support among white millennials, BoomAndBustCycle said:

    CapatainShuddup, everything you said about Obama being a puppet can be said about almost every modern day president... And probably will be going forward. I always said u could be a literal donkey or elephant in office and the results would be the same. The president had become a figurehead long ago.

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