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  • On Tue, 12 May 2015, 8:50am PDT in The CIA Vaccine Hoax! Disgusting and like Sandy Hook and 9/11, CDon said:

    elliemae says

    There is a simpler explanation... He's batshit crazy. I have worked professionally with the mentally ill and It's terrifying to me that he lives within 200 miles of my home.

    I am lucky in this is my first real experience with mental illness. What fascinates me is that if you look at Bgamals early comments on patnet, they covered typical topics like home prices, banks, financing, politics, and daily news. And for the most part, his comments were lucid, cogent, and overall pretty rational. In fact go back to anytime between his first appearance in 2010 and late 2012 and the words "false flag" or Zionist" don't appear anywhere!

    My understanding is mental illness usually strikes in the late teens early 20s. Is it possible that Gary made it all the way to middle age and then we saw his transformation firsthand? Posting thousands of comments for 2 years without any real mention of conspiracy would be quite a long con to pull off. Thus, is it normal to go years without symptoms only to have it reappear with a vengeance? Is it possible he switched medications?

  • On Mon, 4 May 2015, 7:56pm PDT in Whoa, no more housing forum?, CDon said:

    stillrenting says

    Goran _K:

    "All the old guard are gone now. Patrick.net is no longer a bubble site, OCHousingNews is more of an investors site now, and the last one standing is DrHousingBubble."

    Of the original housing bubble sites, thehousingbubbleblog is still well read, as I mentioned; most posters there are adamant that the housing bubble will pop, though they're vague on when. I read it every once in a while, like this site. It's true, the topic has gotten boring; for quite a long time there's been no major indicators or encouragement on the madness stopping - ever. The hopeful are sitting in their own pew.

    This is another thing I noticed. By my estimation, 90-95% of those who came to the bubble blogs came to learn, buy near the bottom then get on with life. These people constituted about 50% of the comments on sites like this one or the HBB.

    As to the other 50% of the comments, a great deal of these came from the angry, disillusioned, disaffected or disturbed (mentally or otherwise) individuals for whom posting on the internet is life itself. Be it here, HBB, Zero Hedge, etc., and be the subject matter housing, economics, politics, race, gender, etc. - no matter the topic they pontificate with the same amount of certitude as the world's foremost expert. None of these people cares to learn. None of them ever care about arguing endlessly with no possible hope of resolution to the topic. None of them care about how stupid they may look. Don't know what you are talking about? Doesn't matter, just eat shit and keep posting!

    I check this place probably an hour a week in between task at work. As such, It took me 3 years to rack up 500 comments, and I am only here now because I am stuck at work and cannot leave until my client finishes their portion of mediation in the other room. Were it not for that, there is no chance I would be here now at late night or weekends or otherwise free time - life is too short IMO.

    At the same time, there are posters here, Ben Jones, or any other survivor blog, that have been around as long as me but out post me me by a ratio over 20:1. You can tell from the date stamps intervals between posts, etc. they are here 10+ hours a day, 5 days a week. For these people the plan was never to "buy and get on with life". For them, the plan was "never buy, post about it, and in so doing, live life".

  • On Mon, 4 May 2015, 7:26pm PDT in Whoa, no more housing forum?, CDon said:

    SFace says

    It's obvious Patrick does not know the factors into buy/sell. He uses more in the software science, math science with hard logic. I view it more from a social and behavior science or applied. If you know the calculator, it's just an input bias and nothing more.

    That's one of the more interesting aspects I learned about. To the extent this site was dominated by coders, they seem to live in a black and white world where shades of gray or an answer of "it depends" doesnt exist. Time and again, you would see them apply some rule of thumb as gospel as if what they read or learned will axiomatically apply everywhere, and anyone who disagreed with them or add a shade of grey to their world would get a surprisingly emotion laden or otherwise curious response.

    Great example, back in early 2012 when Tiny Tina noticed why year 1 rental parity was an absurd notion, I waded in very cautiously as I expected the zealous advocates like Patrick to mount a vigorous defense to his thesis - and the core of his beliefs. Instead, his only defense:

    Patrick says

    I'm waiting for rental parity.

    When I saw that, and nothing more, I was dumbstruck. Tiny Tina hit on this too when he/she said:

    tiny tina says

    Patrick says

    I'm waiting for rental parity.

    No offense, but do you have any reason to think it will ever exist in the area you plan on buying? Your short post with no justification proves a secondary point that some people are hoping for something that may not exist and may never have.

    Again, you would think that 12+ years of waiting and renting would cause someone to reconsider their thesis altogether. Absent that, where was the nuance? Where was the thoughtful analysis? Where was the "shit, I didn't think of that - hmmm, yes maybe year 1 rental parity is too much to ask for in a "premium area" like SFBA". I realize this is the internet where no one is ever wrong about anything ever. Still, if the core of everything you believe was under attack, and you could not mount even the most feeble of attempts to defend it, why continue to tout it as if you wait long enough it will come true?

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