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  • On Fri, 28 Aug 2015, 6:30am PDT in And people,women,vote for Republicans., CDon said:

    Dan8267 says

    So, an airport is named after a repub president and in your mind, that makes the area a conservative voting area??

    How airports are names indicates cultural preferences.

    FWIW - the people of DC proper had no say in the renaming of Reagan Natl, much less the Virginians as the airport is on their side of the Potomac (Arlington & Alexandria were part of DC until 1850). It was an act of Congress (signed by Clinton) which got the name passed. Most old timers still call it Washington National by the way.

    And yes, DC is a staunchly liberal town, which is why the Republicans up on capital hill will never let DC gain statehood. Yet, congress doesn't control large parts of the city and in the areas where the DC citizenry has a say, it is as liberal as you can get. My newest client is in fact incorporating a medicinal marijuana shop which will be an interesting project to work on.

  • On Thu, 20 Aug 2015, 8:20am PDT in Just another rape thread, CDon said:

    justme says

    If a client tells her lawyer that "my husband beat me on tuesday a month ago", then, short of the lawyer having been told by >1 witnesses that the beating did not happen, the lawyer is completely safe from being punished from repeating the accusation in court, on behalf of the client.

    You know that and I know that.

    I gave you the very condensed version of the determinations that go into the attorney calculation. In stressful situations, it is not uncommon for clients to lie to their attorney - and even if they don't lie, they always tell a very one sided version of what happened. If I merely advance the claim in open court, only to find out the husband was out of town Tuesday a month ago, you are looking at being sanctioned. A simple call to OC could have established that, and the fact that you didn't, indicates that you haven't done your homework and are in fact wasting the courts time. If I advance the claim in open court, only to find out this is the 37th time she has claimed abuse, I will be sanctioned for not investigating that and wasting the courts time. If I advance the claim in open court, only to find out the husband suffered a savage beating, I look dubious at best. If I advance the claim in open court, only to find OC presents the words of the highly credible, competent, sister, who testifies that my client told her a very different version of events, I may or may not be sanctioned, but I will certainly look foolish. The list goes on and on and on.

    Thus, it is the job of the attorney (and especially in a criminal trial), to (a) figure all that stuff out well before trial and more importantly (b) savagely grill your own client with as vigorous and savage a tounge lashing as you can possibly imagine. If your client is going to break, its best to have them break down in private before court. If your client recants, then its over. At that point, if you STILL advance the claim, you aren't just going to be sanctioned, you are going to jail. In any event, this is how the large number of claims gets whittled down to nothing by the time its made public. The sad thing is, even if you truly believe your client, but its clear that your client just cant handle a vigorous cross examination, you may not have enough to bring a case at all.

    justme says

    I find your claims that lawyers are afraid of repeating the lies of their clients very unconvincing.

    Obvously. As I said before, all I can do is try and impart what I learned in the last 15 years in this business. I was very very surprised how different I view it after I went through all the years of education, and then saw those things I learned are actually practiced within the profession as I showed you in that list. If your inherent skepticism is so deeply ingrained, then there probably isn't a single thing I can say that will move your needle in the slightest. Still, outside of my combativeness to IWOG, what else in my record here at patnet gives you a reason to doubt my claims?

  • On Tue, 18 Aug 2015, 1:42pm PDT in Just another rape thread, CDon said:

    justme says

    Jon Avila I cannot find with certainty, Steve Jernigan was prosecuted for fraud. Please provide links. Do you have ANY cases of a client lawyer that got disbarred for lying on behalf of their client?

    LOL - sorry those were made up names I provided to show you wouldn't recognize any of the names because it isn't newsworthy in the slightest. If you want a real list, here you go:


    Every state has them, and includes an arms long list. In Maryland, the key word is "diligence" in that under the old provisions of comity and candor, you have to be sure of what you are saying, can show that you diligently investigated it such that when you say "ABC is a fact" the court is satisfied "ABC is a fact". if it later turns out ABC isn't a fact, and had you as the attorney just dug a little deeper, you would have discovered that, your ass is on the line and that is likely the end of your career.

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