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  • On 23 Sep 2014 in Obama starts another War - Bombing ANOTHER Sovereign Country, lostand confused said:

    I think Syria's dear leader actually supports the bombing?

    Maybe next we help out Kim Jong Un?

  • On 23 Sep 2014 in Arab Bank found liable by US court in Hamas attacks. Evil Zionists did it, Gary., lostand confused said:

    Strategist says

    lostand confused says

    Who is going to hold the US gubmnt accountable for training the Taliban??

    Why would we train a terrorist organization? Is there any logical explanation?

    Who knows? Maybe the same reaosn we support brutal dictators around the globe? Short term profit??

  • On 23 Sep 2014 in Get the Oxygen!, lostand confused said:

    I am curious as to why it shifted from global warming to climate change. I haven't seen any scientific papers to explain the same.

    Now like the stock market, maybe there are mini cycles in a greater trend-could explain the chilling Midwest winter we had and practically no summer- but there has to be a good scientific explanation for it, apart from labeling the ones who ask the question as idjits.

    Now sometimes the one who question also believe that men rode dinosaurs and even have museums to support the earth is just 5,000 years old-but curious on a scientific level as to why it changed from global warming into climate change. if so are there any new scientific papers/publications available to support why?

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