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  • On Wed, 22 Jan 2014, 4:09am PST in Any signs of Bay area market cooling down?, Mobi said:

    edvard2 says

    iwog says

    As I keep trying to tell people, normal in the scope of recorded human history is a small entrenched aristocracy owning everything and the vast majority of humans living as serfs.

    The old normal of feudalism is the new normal. It's amazing that we had a middle class for as long as we did.

    The Bay Area is not representative of the country. Most of the rest of the country has a 'normal' middle class with the ease and ability to buy decent homes. The Bay Area is experiencing double bubbles this time around. When those pop, expect things to simmer down as they always have in the past.

    Bay area is the best exmple of a housing market in a highly urbanized area. It is different than a "rural" area such as the place I live (~ 1M popul metropolitan.) Our housing market here is treading water. Historically, bay area's housing bubble only popped when there was a major event (2000 and 2007) and I suspect it will only do so when the nation goes into a severe recession next time.

  • On Fri, 30 Aug 2013, 4:50am PDT in United States at war with Syria?, Mobi said:

    bgamall4 says

    Bigsby says

    Or maybe the rebels did it. That is precisely why there shouldn't be a rush to judgement and the UN should be fully involved this time.

    I agree.

    There was a not bad chance that the rebel did it. Were it the case, having war with Syria government would be helping the criminals. IWOG, you need to be more careful before jumping the gun.

  • On Tue, 27 Aug 2013, 2:53am PDT in The 2013 housing market and my prediction for 2014, Mobi said:

    JH says

    iwog says

    That's less than $100 per month. I'm not arguing with you, I'm agreeing with you. I included everything in my cost of ownership.

    Got it, included in the 800. I see. Mine was 780 + HOA + maint (@ 6% int with 20% down for 115k purchase price). But we are still talking tens of dollars in difference so not significant. HOwever, when I moved away, I chose not to keep it as a rental because I couldn't get 2k for it in the damn midwest like you could out here. Actually my friend did keep his at 125k and returns every summer to fix it up. haha...sucka. he has no monthly roi and it's lost value.

    Midwest v.s. CA. Big difference. (unless you live in Chicago)

    Condos are generally money losers in midwest unless you got it for a very good price plus a good HOA. They appreciate slower and rent out like an apartment.

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