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  • On 24 Jul 2014 in The Greatest Health Care system?, monkframe said:

    Call it Crazy says

    Notice the data and dates of your report:

    Survey of adults age 18 and older in eleven countries.

    • Sample sizes: Australia (2,200), Canada (5,412), France (1,406),

    Germany (1,125), Netherlands (1,000), New Zealand (1,000), Norway

    (1,000), Sweden (2,400), Switzerland (1,500), United Kingdom (1,000),

    United States (2,002).

    • Survey in the field February to June 2013.

    This was BEFORE Obamacare kicked in...

    Come back in a year or two and show us some charts...

    Yes, it was before the new law kicked in, showing how bad things were here in the USA. Preliminary studies already show some redistribution of wealth downward, and of course, in states where Demaocrats are governor, there are health exchanges unaffected by the latest court battle.

    And a note to the Captain: Can you keep a civil tongue in your head? Policy discussions (or any other kind) rarely move forward with loads of cursing at other people. I will not delete your comment, I don't believe in that, but really dude, lighten up.

  • On 22 Jul 2014 in The modern women can no longer cook, they no longer want children and..., monkframe said:

    After reading the tease, I must say: What an idiot!

  • On 22 Jul 2014 in Appeals court throws out IRS rule on Obamacare subsidies, monkframe said:

    I find a singular lack of concern for working people in this thread, indeed; in this site. The privileged post, and we should all be subservient. This ruling will hopefully be overcome somehow, the politicians blocking the law are well-insured - maybe they should be taken out and... reminded of reality.

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