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  • On 18 Apr 2014 in Why aren't ACA premiums tax deductible?, curious2 said:

    sbh says

    Now, I could afford it, but I refused to continue it for the simple reason it wasn't worth it.

    If only everyone looked at the MID that way, we would never have had a housing bubble. Instead, "you get a deduction" was as compelling as "you get a subsidy," and as false: the deductions and subsidies merely bid up the price, enriching the sellers.

  • On 18 Apr 2014 in SSRIs in pregnancy tied to autism, delays, curious2 said:

    I do delete useless sarcasm that doesn't add anything. Being curious, I am interested in learning and I see discussion as a way to learn. I am definitely uninterested in the sarcastic fools who aren't half as smart as they think they are, and who view Internet "discussions" as a place to fling their feces at each other.

    Let me translate their posts:

    YOUR SIDE BAD!!!!! UGH!!

    I also get fed up with the holier than thou crap from both sides. In their boundless arrogance, Obamneycare boosters claim a moral high ground that they do not deserve, and they remind me of the Democrats destroying Viet Nam in order to save it, and conscripting everyone into that misguided crusade in the name of "fairness". Whether it's the self-styled Christian crusaders, or the equally misguided Obamneycare fundamentalists, they look more and more similar to me, like the pigs and farmers in Animal Farm. So yes, when I see a pile of nothing but feces, I clean it away.

  • On 18 Apr 2014 in Bay Area Obamacare mystery: Where are the patients?, curious2 said:

    Sarcasm does not refute facts, it merely shows partisans' utter contempt for the opinion of most Americans and partisans' refusal to accept that most people are right to oppose this legislation. In this particular instance, what Obamneycare's sarcasm boosters refuse to understand is that the patients are not really in charge. Instead, partisans echo each other and try to turn every day into April Fool's Day. (Read the history of that day; amazingly, with enough force and repetition, such foolishness can actually prevail.) Arrogance swaddles itself in sarcasm, while wisdom seeks ever more knowledge.

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