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"Je suis Charlie"

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  • On Mon, 2 Mar 2015, 9:55pm PST in Texas is so stupid., curious2 said:

    Is our children learning, or is they bleeding out from friendly fire, or does that one need another round?

    It's hard to put food on your family, when the dogs is all around 'em and lickin' off the blood. I say, pit bulls get real possessive around a fresh kill, but that don't hardly say it.

  • On Mon, 2 Mar 2015, 9:22pm PST in Texas is so stupid., curious2 said:

    Y'all don't understand Texas. Instead of using tax money to pay for abortions, Texans just leave guns around the house. Pretty soon, they got the number of kids they wanted, and maybe room to try again. Kids what ain't been born yet is innocent, but then they're born in original sin, which makes 'em fair game.

    If your unwanted babies ain't big enough yet to lift a firearm, invite some of the neighbor children over on Jesus Day for iced tea and target practice.

    See, Texans are smart. They get to see the kids before deciding which ones to keep. Iffen they wants to keep one particular child, they bring that one to church for the day, while the others go to heaven and make room for the next round.

  • On Mon, 2 Mar 2015, 2:48pm PST in Hounduras: Libertarian paradise, curious2 said:

    From the article: "Our own infrastructure is far from admired worldwide, and the trend doesn’t look good from where I’m sitting."

    But tovbot keeps telling us the Hyperloop is here!?!? Does that mean tovbot is turning against the Hyperloop, or that tovbot doesn't read articles before posting them?

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