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"Grumpy Cat makes two appearances in the name of marriage equality -- because everyone deserves the right to be married and miserable"

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  • On Mon, 25 Jul 2016, 2:52pm PDT in Why Building More Homes Won't Help Housing Affordability, curious2 said:

    Respectfully, I think you are looking at national data when real estate is always local. Also, the correlation between cost and value is always imperfect. Housing in flyover states might be getting bigger, which might cost more to build, but making a Mississippi house bigger does not make it more valuable to someone who wants to live in the SFBA.

    Recessions don't build supply. They can reduce demand, and they can free up some existing local supply as people move away, but ultimately the only way to increase supply is to build at rates above the rate of depreciation/replacement.

    Some cities have zoning and planning rules that have cannibalized supply. For example, in Manhattan, smaller older units get replaced by premium luxury buildings designed by celebrity architects and featuring Italian marble tubs to attract the TV cameras of Robin Leach. In that scenario, they are replacing more units with fewer units, reducing supply rather than increasing it, due to zoning and planning.

    Cost does not determine value. If somebody tells me that an analog CRT television was handmade, with each winding carefully done by artisans trained in Bhutan, that doesn't make me want to pay more for it than I would pay for a better TV made at a fraction of the cost. Likewise houses: a palatial mansion might cost more to build than a tiny apartment, but if the mansion stands in northern Kamchatka, I'm not buying.

  • On Mon, 25 Jul 2016, 2:21pm PDT in Alternative Phrasing for Invade and Invite, curious2 said:

    I've been using invade&import, or invade&import&surveil.

    Synonyms for conscription might help. Invade&import is basically drafting Syrian Sunnis to crusade into NATO on behalf of Saudi Islam.

    Alternatively, synonyms for suicide. Is there a Christian or European form of Seppuku? Christian martyrdom? The phrase "suicide by cop" might lend itself to "suicide by invade&import," but that has too many words.

    I am trying to think of historical precedents wherein some other civilization invaded and imported hostile populations in order to prop up its own military industrial complex and surveillance state, but I can't think of any examples prior to the present. Is there perhaps another species that produces anything like it? Maybe something like Toxoplasma gondii, a microorganism that reproduces in cats and infects mice, causing infected mice to become attracted to cats?

    Psychology might offer some insights, for example "Suicide and masochism: The evolving relationship between guilt, suffering, self-attack and suicide". The phrase "Trump Derangement Syndrome" (TDS) has got me thinking about "Marriage Equality Derangement Syndrome" (MEDS). In my opinion, MEDS causes closet cases and their scared wives to become so unhinged that they seek anything, even death, to make it stop. For example, look at the Vatican claiming "humanity" had been defeated when Ireland voted for marriage equality, and then the Vatican demands European Christians must import more Muslims, who line up consistently to vote against it. MEDS wouldn't explain why much of the European left also supports importing Islam, but that might result from delusion to the point of hypnosis by NATO government and commercial media, and some slight congruity between some feminists and Muslims (e.g. London banning posters that show women in bikinis).

  • On Mon, 25 Jul 2016, 2:02pm PDT in Is Trump The Muscovite Candidate, curious2 said:

    tovarichpeter says

    The class immediately erupted with commentary. It was obvious, they said, that loyalty was paramountnot [sic] a single student said theyd [sic] snitch. They were unequivocally unconcerned about who was harmed in this hypothetical scenario. This troubled me

    It troubled me too, partly because it comes from an unrelated article that says nothing about the OP headline.

    I thought the Turing Test had assumed computers would advance to a level where someday they might become indistinguishable from people. It did not occur to me that people might emulate misprogrammed bots. I propose a name for this development: the Tovbot Conundrum.

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