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I'm the dude that knows the dude, that knows that other dude, that knows you.

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  • On 19 Sep 2014 in Distrustful Africans slaughter Ebola aid workers and dump their bodies in shit, CaptainShuddup said:

    According to Peter if you don't like it pay for an upgrade.

  • On 19 Sep 2014 in This Is Why Occupy Is Greater Than the Tea Party, CaptainShuddup said:

    Upon graduating in 2011, she found a job as a full-time medical assistant. But the job only pays $14 an hour. It's hardly enough to keep up with the basics -- $800 per month in rent, food for her and the kids, utilities, car payments, and medical insurance (which isn't provided through her job) -- let alone the nearly $1,700 a month she owes on her student loans. She said she applied for food stamps but earns $2 an hour too much.

    How in the hell does someone on food stamps get 100K in debt, and owe $1700 a month for it?

    Another reader, Martha Sopher, hasn't been able to work since becoming severely disabled from a car accident three years ago. When she turned 62 last year she immediately applied for Social Security. But because she had defaulted on the more than $200,000 in student loan debt from a graduate program she attended 10 years ago, 15% of her Social Security payments are being garnished each month.
    Related: For-profit Corinthian College urged to forgive $500 million in loans
    She is still in the process of applying for disability, and her family is helping her pay her living expenses in the meantime.

    I swear to God, the slackers are going to make out better in the end.

  • On 19 Sep 2014 in Another media pet deconstructed in less than a week., CaptainShuddup said:

    Those pics are obscured by the logo watermark. If you read the description of what is going on. You see the dudes legs sitting out of the passenger door, and she's straddling him, with her back facing the building where they were took the pictures and called the cops.

    Better pics would be better, as it's hard to really tell if the description is really what is going on. Is she just sitting on his lap, or grinding on his junk?

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