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  • On Mon, 8 Feb 2016, 12:23pm PST in I'm sure parents are feeding their children healthy meals., Tenpoundbass said:

    Nuttin for nuttin, but back when I did flooring.
    I used to find 10 year old deep fried specimens, still in pristine contition, behind the stove and under the frige all the time, when I would pull out the appliances to strip the floor and relay new vinyl or tile.

    Deep frying food is an excelent way to preserve (the apperance) of stuff.
    As long as it's fried to the point that oil has replaced most of the water content.

  • On Mon, 8 Feb 2016, 11:07am PST in Hillary balks at being treated like a man., Tenpoundbass said:

    The only obvious thing she has to defeat him with, Democrats are too left leaning and too PC correct to use it.

    The guy is a commie, if she used her campaign rallys to give History lessons. Bernie Sanders numbers would soon tank.
    But a History lesson from Hillary would be rich, wouldn't it. We're still waiting for Her History lesson at the Bengahzi and rougue email hearings.

  • On Mon, 8 Feb 2016, 11:04am PST in Plunge protection team takes Monday off., Tenpoundbass said:

    If they do this every single down day they'll be doing this every day.
    They'll wait a week or so, before the mysterious 400 point market gain. They blew out the compressor on the 2008 Inflato Deluxe, with quad diesel motors. Now they are using bicycle pumps, it will take a while.

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