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  • On Thu, 8 Oct 2015, 3:42pm PDT in Qadaffi's son offered peace talks, Clinton ordered the Generals not to take it., Tenpoundbass said:

    BayAreaObserver says

    Ever hear of hanging chads ?

    Not until I heard of charting Tour busses to go to nursing homes and bus people who didn't know what century it was to go to the polling center.
    There was probably a reason those people weren't of sound mind and body to fill out an absentee ballot.

    The Liberal's got ugly and stooped to everthing, then blamed the Republicans when their rigged elections still didn't pan out for Al "I can't believe they are so Supid" Gore winning the Prez.
    It's gone down hill since then, people are in agreement that it has been the Demcorats, that have destroyed any resemblence of Democracy and Decorum in this country.
    I used to be a Democrat, LIberals have ruined it for everyone. Why do you think 38% of the American public is Independent?

  • On Thu, 8 Oct 2015, 3:30pm PDT in Now this is True, Tenpoundbass said:

    Well bank robbers don't go around calling them selves "Bank Robbers".

    There's a difference in these Liberals and Teddy Rosevelt.
    Teddy would have put on his short pant knickers, jumped on a white stallion and swam to Syria by now and cut down ISIS with his own military sword.
    He would have Liberated Africa and Asia from crazy Jihadist him self personally in the war theater.
    None of this proxy war piddly crap.

  • On Thu, 8 Oct 2015, 1:37pm PDT in Trans-Pacific Partnership: US, Pacific Rim Nations Reach TPP Trade Deal, Tenpoundbass said:

    Ah the Tossed Salad Act.

    Or as the Leftcoast likes to call it, the Asian Rim job.

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