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  • On Mon, 30 Nov 2015, 7:48pm PST in SU-34 versus F-16, Tenpoundbass said:

    Strategist says

    Only Americans have walked on the moon.

    We at best probably landed a mirror. So everyone can feel good about them selves by beaming a laser at the moon and having it bounce back. Never mind that a stanch white surface lit by the Sun is probably highly reflective.

  • On Mon, 30 Nov 2015, 5:17pm PST in Fixing the most expensive tax deduction, Tenpoundbass said:

    lalalala says

    Our tax code doesn't differentiate between areas with low and high cost of living. A guy with 100K salary in Bay Area is nobody, whereas a guy with the same nominal salary in Little Rock is a fucking sultan but both are paying at the same federal tax rate.

    Vote for another California tax raiser, it did wonders for you all of those other times.

    Don't stand outside in a thunderstorm and yell "Fuck it's RAINING!"

  • On Mon, 30 Nov 2015, 5:13pm PST in About That Kid That Got Shot In Chicago...., Tenpoundbass said:

    If you're buying guns off the street, then chances are they aren't legal.
    I'm all for requiring that all guns be at least registered. Whether the state or the fed is choosing who gets guns or not.
    I'm just amazed that with all of the talk about Gun control. There has never been one single bill proposed to address all of the dirty guns out there. Other than cheesy little do nothing gun by back programs.
    Why on earth would someone turn in a gun they overpaid by 5 times because they either wanted an untraceable gun or it was illegal for them own a gun otherwise.
    Convicts are perfect example of someone with an illegal gun.

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