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  • On 27 Jul 2014 in And I'm out of here..., wave9x said:

    Types like homeboy make it impossible to discuss racial issues. If you bring up facts like blacks and hispanics commit more crime, African and Latin countries are mostly third world, and so on, they storm off like babies having a tantrum. We are just supposed to drink the KoolAid that race has nothing to do with anything.

  • On 27 Jul 2014 in Oakland is number one!, wave9x said:

    Chinese buy in Oakland to become slumlords or to bet on the housing bubble, not to live there. API scores are way too low in Oakland for Chinese, we are talking schools scoring mostly 1/10. Property values will plummet next downturn as a result, as happened last time.

  • On 27 Jul 2014 in Violent Crime Rises And Falls With Black Population, wave9x said:

    John Bailo, it is quite easy for you, living in your all white fortress, to spout on about the wonders of black neighborhoods, as you have no worry of having to experience living in one. If you were living in East Oakland, you would be singing a different tune.

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