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  • On Sat, 11 Jun 2016, 7:45pm PDT in Simpsons called it, Bellingham Bill said:

    ^ something's bugging me about that chart . . . here, let me fix it:

    here we see the national debt was exploding well before 2009 and so Obama ain't even responsible for much of it, given his first budget kicked in late 2009.

    this is largely thanks to the Fed buying so much debt to get us through the rough patch when the housing market was flat and households were deleveraging:

    Trump's a real expert on BK but I'm not that's the right kind of experience we need running the country.

    2000-2008 in that last graph is how the GOP operates -- pump & dump.

  • On Mon, 2 May 2016, 7:33pm PDT in "Only the dumb save", Bellingham Bill said:

    justme says

    ZIRP is doing it! It is not the "savings" of the wealthy that is doing it. It is what amounts to "printing" of bank reserves.

    The money the Fed printed ended up in the 1%'s hands soon enough. The Fed bought the trillions of bonds, and government ran colossal deficits courtesy of the Fed being the extra buyer, and all these trillions were spent into the private economy and eventually hoovered up by the "savers" aka rich, people who have the generational money of interest earning interest earning interest for them.

    Interest never sleeps.

    The Feds borrowed $2T/yr during the crash! Inconceivable!

  • On Mon, 2 May 2016, 7:29pm PDT in "Only the dumb save", Bellingham Bill said:

    tatupu70 says

    but anyone who thinks we have 3 simultaneous massive bubbles

    I don't see much of a bubble in stocks, unless you think corporate profits are going to zero again.

    Rents support housing costs, so no bubble there.

    Not even sure what a bubble looks like in the bond market . . .

    Prices high so yields low? Well, welcome to teh deflation, courtesy of the Fed injecting trillions into the top of the economy to fend away cross-default collapse.

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