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This is not my house. But it, or one like it, will be someday!

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  • On 26 Oct 2014 in San Franciscos land-mine law for landlords, Bellingham Bill said:

    The intellectual confusion people suffer from is the fixed improvement of the housing good hides the commons that was expropriated when it was built. We see the former but not the latter.

    To trace a legal title to land one must trace it back to the man who stole it!

  • On 26 Oct 2014 in San Franciscos land-mine law for landlords, Bellingham Bill said:

    SF, home of Georgism!

    Rent control is a bandaid on a bigger problem, so good riddance.

    Hell, my rent in LA would be within 20% of the market rate ($1800+/mo now) had I stayed in the "rent-controlled" 1B I was renting in 1991-92.

  • On 26 Oct 2014 in Permanent Damage to US Economy, Bellingham Bill said:

    The main damage is the amount of money being extracted from us in the health and housing sectors:


    Real per-capita (age 16+) health + housing expenditures. This doesn't count government spending in health care I believe, which is half of total spending at any rate.

    This chart implies it takes $30,000/yr for a couple to just cover the first two basics of life.

    Food, clothing, and fun are additional, as are the student loan repayments.

    Housing was CHEAP in the 1960s. Even the SAME houses from then are unaffordable for most people now, because it's the land valuations that have skyrocketed since then.

    Nobody gets this.


    This house sold for $35,000 or so back in 1975. The 2014 sales price is nearly 3X what $35,000 has inflated to since 1975 (~$150,000)

    Ironically the buyer in 1975 was an area doctor who picked this place up as an income property after the original owner passed.

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