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  • On 20 Apr 2014 in Was Steve Jobs a jerk?, Bellingham Bill said:

    >Now Wozniak, I can give kudos to, but Jobs was a parasite.

    Individually, Jobs and Wozniak were necessary but not sufficient to create what became the Apple II.

    Hell, most of early Apple is Markkula's work, things like getting Wozniak to create the Disk ][ in late 1977.

    Jobs didn't do a whole helluva lot for Apple 1977-1982, but he made up for it with the Mac and LaserWriter projects.

    Though, again, the Mac had to overcome the crapiness that he insisted it have, things like no arrow keys, a one button mouse, 128K of RAM with no expandability.

    But overcome it did, and 1987's Mac II was the finest computing appliance ever created, relative to its contemporary competition.

    It was so good I enthusiastically saved for 2 fucking years to be able to afford one (picked up a IIcx in 1989).

    Life was good in Macland, 1986-1996. Then NT4 came out and Windows got pretty damn usable, and x86 hardware got more and more Maclike (or less and less shitty). Then Microsoft lost the plot 2000-now and Apple started making good stuff again, 2006-now.

    NeXT also had the same pattern of spending years in the wilderness 1990-94 like the Mac did 1984-88. I'm not the biggest fan of AppKit, but it's better than anything else around, both in the 1990s and now, though I guess the Javascript world is finally catching up.

    Good times.

  • On 20 Apr 2014 in Was Steve Jobs a jerk?, Bellingham Bill said:

    My mom's kidney doctor just works Mondays.

    LOL, our system is so, so fucked.

  • On 20 Apr 2014 in Was Steve Jobs a jerk?, Bellingham Bill said:

    bob2356 says

    I don't understand the Steve Jobs cult. He almost bankrupted apple 3 times stroking his ego. The only real winner product he ever came up with was the ipod

    And the Apple II.

    And the Macintosh.

    And the LaserWriter.

    And the NeXT OS/object-oriented architecture.

    And the iMac.

    And the Powerbook G4.

    And the iPhone.

    And the iPad.

    He was universally regarded as the worst boss in silicon valley

    I had some interaction with him in 2000 (you can see him demoing one of my things in 2001's MWSF) and he wasn't the worst boss then.

    I'm sure he was a shithead overall but he'd mellowed a bit after meeting with so much failure in the early 1990s, then with so much success in the late 1990s as all his bets came in for him.

    Steve didn't personally develop all the above stuff, but they exist thanks to him being the guy who was responsible for bringing them to market as they were.

    And these products weren't "first" in many categories. There were other hobbyist and home computers before the Apple II, but they sucked in critical ways that the Apple II didn't.

    The Mac almost failed like the Lisa, but desktop publishing, along with its increasingly less half-baked "Toolbox" API library, saved its ass in the mid-late 80s.

    HP beat the LaserWriter to market by IIRC six months. But the early LaserJets truly sucked, not being able to print more than a small window of graphics, and requiring fonts to be installed on actual font cartridges, and shipping with HP's shitty PDL instead of PostScript.

    Sony was making good designs in laptops in the 1990s, as was pre-Jobs Apple for that matter, but the mac I'm typing this on now is nearly identical to the PBG4 I bought in 2002, design-wise. That's good design!

    Nokia was doing good stuff with the IMAP platform, but they didn't bother to get the PowerVR stuff working. Apple figured out what they had to do, and got the full stack of PowerVR, ARM, and OpenGL ES working with the iPhone, then also getting their AppStore up before anyone else. This was a killer combination -- the true innovation of the iPhone -- that gave them immense competitive advantage over everyone else in 2009-2010.

    There were tablets before the iPad, but their design sucked. iPad's design didn't suck -- its deceptive simplicity became the model, the template, that everyone is copying now in this space.

    I can't think of a person who changed my life more than Steve Jobs.

    I was defending MacOS 7 vs. Windows 3 proponents, so I'm very used to the course of this discussion.

    People who don't get why Apple is & was streets ahead just don't get it. Not in 1990, not now.

    This is not to say Apple's lead is permanent. Google certainly has the ability and desire to overtake them, as does Microsoft if they can ever get their dysfunctional organization firing on more than one or two cylinders.

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