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  • On Mon, 20 Apr 2015, 8:02pm PDT in Darkest Example of Globalist Evil Could Have Been JFK's Assassination by LBJ, Rin said:

    bgamall4 says

    bob2356 says

    our idea that Burt Lancaster was somehow put out to pasture or demoted by some vast conspiracy of "hollywood execs" because he did Executive Action is just nutty.

    I am not sure about that, however, he was active in the ACLU. Now, I am not saying everything the ACLU does is bad. I am not saying that the ACLU is a Zionist organization, although Zionist organizations support it. But then again, so do other folks.

    But maybe Lancaster was favored for his support of the organization. Again, I am not accusing the ACLU of being anything more than an advocate for rights.

    People, life is not a mega-plex conspiracy model. It's much more subtle than that.

    Lancaster was the face of classic Hollywood. He was widely regarded and respected, as one of the most intense actors of his generation, if not America's greatest.

    And no, nobody wanted him dead either. 'Executive Action' was just a movie, little more. It's not like he made a controversial film and all of a sudden, a War Room appeared and decided to terminate his career.

    However, after my dad had seen it, it completely disappeared and only reappeared in video, many years later, after I was born.

    What's believed here, is that whenever a major movie had come up, and there was a need for a senior statesman, it's plausible that the producer said, 'Do we really need Lancaster? Can someone else do it?' In other words, the transition into the Gene Hackman (post-French Connection days), Clint Eastwood (post-Action Hero), Anthony Hopkins (post-Elephant Man era) was less smooth for Lancaster, despite the fact that he was universally regarded as a serious top notch actor by everyone.

  • On Mon, 20 Apr 2015, 2:45pm PDT in Darkest Example of Globalist Evil Could Have Been JFK's Assassination by LBJ, Rin said:

    bgamall4 says

    No, you have to look at how he said it. It was a secret that had to come out. Look at him while he says it. He never denied he was involved.

    What's hilarious is that I don't know of a single person, who was alive back in the early 60s, who didn't knew where they were, when Kennedy was assassinated. The fact that Bush couldn't recall, is pretty lame. At least he should have built a cover story ahead of time.

    During 9/11, I was getting my car's sticker changed. And thus, that's the only sticker change which I'll remember for life.

    During the Boston Marathon bombing, I was driving around the Rte 495 beltway. Granted, that's not a big deal, but still, I knew where I was during traumatic events.

  • On Mon, 20 Apr 2015, 2:25pm PDT in Darkest Example of Globalist Evil Could Have Been JFK's Assassination by LBJ, Rin said:

    bob2356 says

    Ok I looked it up. Getting 6 film critics awards for best actor, 2 golden globe nominations for best actor, 2 baftra nominations for best actor, a baftra award for best actor, 2 David di Donatello nominations for Best Actor, a David di Donatello award for best actor, a british academy and an academy nomination for best actor in 5 different films while in his 70's after 2 big heart attacks is a complete downslide? Who did this dubbing? Dude you and your father have some really really high standards

    This is a bit hard to describe, as it involves a few metaphors. During the 80s/90s, Metallica had grown into America's top rock band, regardless of whether or not it's hard rock, classic rock, or pure heavy metal. But then, as the 2000s progressed, Metallica produced little of value and thus, became a shadow of their reputation as the best of America's top rock acts. And during this time, they'd won Grammys, standing ovations, and all that jazz, mainly due to their prior achievements and general reputation to the masses, as well as a bit of hero worship by newer bands like Godsmack, etc.

    And that's an element of the story.

    In society, Burt Lancaster had a near *George Washington* like impression upon his generation of film goers, as he was the consummate leader and passionate actor for his times. When the post-73 era kicked in, sure, he was still admired and respected by a lot but many of his roles were these bit parts, like in the 'Island of Dr Moreau' and 'Cassandra Crossing', where his lines were a shadow of his prior self. This is where my dad and his friends had issues. Gene Hackman, in contrast, always had significant dialogue, long after his youth. And even today, Hackman is still coming along, as a senior statesman actor.

    So the notion here was that Lancaster was somewhat demoted from his perch. Sure, the general population recognized his greatness, however, Hollywood execs didn't want to actively promote it any further. And while individual screenplay writers and director would have loved to have had him around, it wasn't as necessary for the men on top.

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