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  • On Fri, 26 Jun 2015, 5:55pm PDT in Donald Trump refuses to release birth certificate and passport records, Rin said:

    zzyzzx says

    no doubt as to what country Donald Trump was born in

    Jamaica Queens or Jamaica the Caribbean nation, what's the difference?

  • On Thu, 4 Jun 2015, 5:20pm PDT in HP: Death of a silicon Valley icon, Rin said:

    Meg Whitman says

    "We've got to fix our education system or we are not going to have the pipeline of science, technology, engineering and math" talent, she said. "If we're not careful this will not be the American century."

    WTF! How does the sacking one of the most tech rich companies of the mid-to-late 20th century, of much of its STEM talent, correlates with the above statement in the same press release?!

  • On Wed, 3 Jun 2015, 5:09pm PDT in Elon Musk: Glroious Free Market Entrepreneur, Subsidized to $5B by US Gov, Rin said:

    thunderlips11 says

    I would rather give grants directly to STEM degree holders. $5B is a lot of money. How many STEM degree holders can be supported on that sum? The government should buy up old Rust Belt factories and facilities and convert them to laboratories, and encourage Scientists to form teams, and pay them a living wage.

    I would rather not have the govt spend money on any facilities, because they'll more likely screw it up. Instead, I'd rather see STEM folks, work on their own thing. Many will not stay on welfare but instead, will pursue regular work and leave the sciences for business or health care careers. And thus, it won't be a typical wasteful system, as ppl will come and go, based upon taking annual exams.

    thunderlips11 says

    My only beef is Private Companies bragging about Innovation that are heavily underwritten by Uncle Sam Deeppockets, but studiously ignore that fact in all their blather. It's like the 1%er kid who drops out of college and sets up a company with their trust fund and dad's connections, who doesn't acknowledge the fact they were millionaires the moment they turned 18.

    Ppl like the lore of the self-made man. I mean how many ppl remember that Bill Gates was from a well off family and wasn't exactly in debt over his eyeballs, when he'd purchased DOS for MS.

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