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  • On 21 Oct 2014 in How tech jobs, housing and transit are shaping a megaregion, Rin said:

    New Renter says

    Heraclitusstudent says

    Companies need to open locations outside of the peninsula.

    And develop proper work-from-home options.

    I've got a better idea ... let's end this notion of a Silicon Valley. There's little actual physical silicon wafers made there.

    Ppl need to be distributed, across the country, from Idaho through Georgia. This will immediately lower the CoL for a tech worker.

    If they can't get their work done remotely (and answer their co-workers/bosses IMs) then they're fired, end of story. It's actually rather simple. Remote workers need to be available during key hours or they're sacked.

  • On 21 Oct 2014 in Where Do You Peasants Bank? Credit Unions? Hahaha, Rin said:

    Robber Baron Elite Scum says


    This particular Economist pulled $1 million out of Bank of America.

    Quick question ... why is someone parking $1M in a loser bank, everyone knows about BoA, esp when his FDIC insurance is capped at $250K?

    At most, he should have $300K, out of that pile, parked in three different commercial banks (checking/CDs) and then, have $700K split between two brokerage accounts offering SIPC protection up to for $500K per account holder.

    Those brokerage accounts should be fully vested in high dividend utility/tobacco/alcohol stocks, earning him 4-5% per year. If he wanted to re-invest he can, or simply take the dividends ($30K-$32K/yr) and use 'em to pay his bills.

  • On 21 Oct 2014 in Psychopaths become managers, Rin said:

    Ceffer says

    Bonking hoes is more about moral relativity, sexual economics and the algebra of need than amoral or conscienceless/ unethical behavior

    Yes, my whole spiel is the *Rage Against the Puritan Machine* thing.

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