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  • On Fri, 28 Feb 2014, 2:59am PST in What happens if nobody buys the Baby Boomers' houses?, zesta said:

    golfplan18 says

    When I read today’s featured story on Baby Boomers, I wondered what would happen if succeeding generations simply decided not to buy their houses.

    Deep thoughts!!

    I wonder what would happen to Google if people simply decided not to use the internet?

    I wonder what would happen to Toyota if people simply decided not to drive?

  • On Mon, 30 Dec 2013, 1:42pm PST in 3 years since we bought!!, zesta said:

    thomaswong.1986 says

    you dismiss home prices never correct to long term mean...which they do!

    oh yeah!!

    Detroit, MI--> GREAT BUY!!! It's going to revert to 1950s prices + inflation, no doubt. Don't mind that it's lost more than 50% of the population, the graph never lies.

    There's nothing like investing based on a graph.

  • On Mon, 9 Sep 2013, 4:09am PDT in Bay Area rents soaring, zesta said:

    iwog says

    Here's a good example of how badly Case-Shiller does.

    The C/S Index is faulty pre-1987.

    He uses different data sets for different periods of time. It's not entirely his fault since good data simply wasn't available then. I don't think he does a good job of explaining the differences in the data set.

    That ubiquitous graph of housing prices from 1890 - 2006 is junk.

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