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  • On 22 Aug 2014 in Start-ups leaving San Francisco, Facebooksux said:

    Rin says

    In contrast, the thought of moving to *sunny* Silicon Valley, with rents starting at $2500 per month, no legal esc*rting venues aside from a 5 hour drive to the NV deserts (just to overpay for it, BTW), no sense of community/culture among the working denizens, and being cooped up in an office park 12-15 hours per day sounds miserable to me. Sure, there's snow in the Great Lakes region, but let me tell you this ... after a hard day of work, I'd like a nice hard workout with a stripper in a warm hotel room. In contrast, the only thing I'd look forward to in SV is going to an "In And Out" for a burger. Sorry, but I prefer a real *In And Out* :-) !

    I applaud your honesty and agree with most of your statements.

    What does your fund invest in, BTW?

  • On 18 Aug 2014 in UK Property In Full-Scale Collapse, Facebooksux said:

    Call it Crazy says

    rooemoore says

    For example, this piece of crap in a shitty suburban neighborhood will run you about $1.2 mil. This is easily 3 times the bay area price.

    You mean to tell us there are bigger idiots then in the SFBA that overpay for houses?

    Don't worry, it's coming here too.

    But if I had to, I'd rather overpay in London than Sunnyvale.

  • On 18 Aug 2014 in Professor Richard D Wolff interviewed, Facebooksux said:

    He has good insight into what's wrong with crony capitalism, but the guy is a socialist. He has a good weekly show on KPFA.

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