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Owner of the same home through many boom and bust cycles.
Someday a wealthy Real Estate mogul, in my pipedreams.

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  • On 17 Apr 2014 in Security breaches impacts 3 Million cards used at Michaels and Aaron Brothers, Automan Empire said:

    It happened again. This is a recording...

    More incentive to update the USA credit card system to embedded chip technology.

  • On 11 Apr 2014 in Jesus is bigger than Budah in China now, Automan Empire said:

    From the link:
    scanned the social media platform Weibo for Christian terms and found they are quite popular, despite the country’s tight control on religion, the Christian Today website reported.

    The survey discovered the word ‘Bible’ produces more than 17 million results, but “Quotations of Chairman Mao’—a text known in the West as ‘The Little Red Book’ only had 60,000 results.
    Well, their methodology is disingenuous off the bat, comparing a one word and four word search. On Google, quotations of chairman mao brings 146,000 results whereas mao quotes yields 2,7XX,XXX results. Whatever they extrapolate from this is fruit of the bullshit tree as far as I am concerned.

    The thread's headline immediately made me wonder, though... is Jesus bigger than the Beatles in China?

  • On 10 Apr 2014 in Student goes on knife rampage; nobody killed, Automan Empire said:

    bgamall4 says

    Something something, Einstein. Is it a conspiracy? Of course it was.

    Speaking not as a government but an equal individual, I have to say... Dude, shut up!

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