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  • On Sun, 26 Jun 2016, 8:12pm PDT in The Traditonalist Workers Party is a neo-Nazi group., mell said:

    iwog says

    Trump is clearly too stupid to have any usable comprehension of any issues surrounding political ideology.

    Intelligence is very hard to gauge and does not always translate into a "good" political reign. Helmut Kohl was considered one oft he "dumbest" chancellors in German history by many, he also had many scandals, but he was the only one with the foresight of the once in a lifetime opportunity of re-uniting a divided country and him acting so swiftly (while the intellectuals kept talking about the risks of a patriotic Germany and debating the modus operandi of a possible reunion to great lengths) was probably his biggest achievement, making up for all the other mistakes and scandals.

  • On Sun, 26 Jun 2016, 7:59pm PDT in BretExit & The U.S. Economy, mell said:

    Logan Mohtashami says

    If it wasn't for Harry Dent, Peter Schiff would have has the worst 8 years of predictions of any one in planet earth.

    Between Gold 5,000, inflation sky rockets, Oil 200 call in 2013 and now the Great Recession by November ...

    I know Peter does this only to maintain his base who could never listen to him if he actually spoke on what is really going on, but Peter has had a terrible 8 years and his returns in the past 3 years have been negative if I remember right.

    Oddly enough for a man who said Gold would reach 5,000 in 2013 he wasn't heavily invested in that trade ;-)

    There's a big difference between the right timing in trading and economic understanding. He has never gone BK and overall done OK, sure he hasn't had good years since 2008, but that may be changing, so for a long-term horizon the jury is out. Also, if you're right only once (Scion capital, Taleb) then that is all you need. In 2007 I saw no Logan warning of the housing/financial crisis, but maybe you were up there with Peter and had the CNBC muppets laugh in your face - if so, kudos. I maintain that he had good foresight wrt the 2008 crisis and then simply thought he was more powerful than the Fed, a big mistake. He has also been a perma-bear although he keeps investing in stocks around the world as well, incl. US stocks, just with a bigger focus on PM. Nobody is always right, Buffet would have gone BK without the Fed/gov intervention in 2008. And the gold-bears have also been calling for golds demise for a while now and that stubborn gold just does not budge. Now Gold 5k is a completely different topic.

  • On Sun, 26 Jun 2016, 7:48pm PDT in The Traditonalist Workers Party is a neo-Nazi group., mell said:

    Blurtman says

    iwog says

    Nope, no Nazis here. From their facebook:

    You are correct. The illustration is from a story authored by an affiliated group that includes comments like "Jewish vermin" and "Jews also mastered the art of the “cure”

    It is certainly an anti-Jewish piece. I stand corrected.

    curious2 says

    mell says

    I'm too lazy to read through their site

    TLDR. You posted a misleading OP headline, and I thought you were mistaken, but now I see you are actually trying deliberately to mislead people. That puts your other comments in context. Try not to invoke Bernie in this though, because he has devoted much of his life to opposing the crap that you are trying to promote.

    Yeah, sounds pretty anti-jewish (anti-semitic is not a good term since Arabs are semites too). Btw. Trump (who is considered right-wing) firmly stands with Israel, a good reference is his speech this year at AIPAC, so he's sort of an anti-nazi and a good example for my explanation above (no matter what one might think of him overall).

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