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  • On 27 Jul 2014 in The modern women can no longer cook, they no longer want children and..., mell said:

    bg says

    This dance of having to earn money and being unable to retire WHILE ALSO BEING THE PRIMARY CARETAKER for a child is very difficult for the female custodial parents. Women feel the same financial burdens.

    They don't unless they are forced to pay child support/alimony in the other direction. Everybody has existential pressure to make a living, single or partnered, with kids or not. But nobody faces that pressure so much as those who are forced to pay child support/alimony and take care of themselves at the same time - under the threat of going to jail!

    Furthermore, quite a few men would like to keep the money and be the primary caretaker, because despite the effort of raising a kid, they can at least enjoy their kid for the money they pay, but they have no say in this decision at all and often are granted measly visitors rights. They'd gladly take the kid(s) if they had a choice.

    bg says

    We aren't off shopping and doing our nails just because the father sends a check. In the experience of my divorced female friends, it isn't the case that any of them has the option of not working full time due to the child support they receive.

    They could depending on the wealth of their ex-husband, but at the minimum they have a much easier financial footing with the current laws which are clearly utterly unjust, and they are responsible for the trend of declining marriages. Stereotypes aside, I think you can have a good time (I know I have as my visual preference is caucasian), I just would advise against marriage (and tread super careful wrt kids). But if one has to get married, they better have an ironclad prenup signed well ahead of time. No exceptions.

  • On 26 Jul 2014 in Princeton study: USA is an Oligarchy!, mell said:

    marcus says

    That's shocking !

    I wonder if that has anything to do with why they make it so difficult for a democratic President to lead ?

    You must be misinformed, he's got no difficulties at all leading the pack, playing golf and enjoying life.

  • On 26 Jul 2014 in Live in Oakland and get free sideshow entertainment, mell said:

    Bullish for house prices, the NAR should start sponsoring these people. Industrial views, vivid rustic life-style and hearty celebrations. Rio's got nothing on our 24/7 carnival - come live where the life is!

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