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  • On 30 Oct 2014 in One More Crisis and the Fuckers Will Have it All., mell said:

    sbh says

    Whoa, whoa, wait a minute there bubba, we're supposed to be in a tailspin the MOMENT the end of QE was announced. The permabears, Libertarians, hyperinflationists, deflationary depressionists, and arch-christian Teabag apocalypse leghumpers all guaranfuckingteed it. Bob is on another thread demanding the wingnuts account for no ebola pandemic in Dallas, but I set my cap for an economic collapse. You guys promised me. You said we were gonna get it and you owe me.

    I didn't promise anything, I am merely observing continued stagflation eroding the middle-class. And this is worse because it is not as obvious as a cathartic correction that actually reduces wealth disparity and takes the economy off of the Fed fiat and low interest rate spigot, but instead the wealth inequality keeps widening and makes the debt-serfs even more debt-drunk so they will claim again when the next crisis hits that they need to be bailed out, then rinse and repeat until there's mainly 1%ers and 47%ers left.

  • On 30 Oct 2014 in LETTERMANS (a known liberal) TOP 10 REASONS TO VOTE DEMOCRAT, mell said:

    Great points - although they don't apply to liberals in the classical, real sense - they are aimed at the so-called "progressives" or "progressive democrats". I also agree with Iwog on the Clinton impeachment, but that's just political theater. Both parties are done for and these side-shows are really a distraction from terrible fiscal policies indebting future generations and eroding the middle-class. Time to go Libertarian.

  • On 30 Oct 2014 in One More Crisis and the Fuckers Will Have it All., mell said:

    sbh says

    mell says

    Direct consequence of QE and bailouts. When you bail out the rich, the rich become richer.

    But now asset prices and prices of everything will collapse and the libertarian organic repair will begin. This is the rise in living standards you've been begging for. An Escalade will cost a buck and you'll fill the tank for a penny. Iwog will be out on the streets cause rent will collapse. You can buy your BA mansion for 5 grand. Why aren't you rejoicing?

    I don't think that will happen though I would certainly rejoice if I could buy a home in the bay area for roughly half of today's price. Prices will come down, but the Fed doesn't have to unwind all its assets at once and as long as global QE is on the dollar will be somewhat of a safe haven and interest rates will stay low fro a while.

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