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Kill the bankers!

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  • On Sat, 30 Apr 2016, 12:28pm PDT in Why Bernie Sanders FREE college plan doesn't make sense, Blurtman said:

    Ironman says

    Many states may be unwilling to do either of these, so a higher education makeover along the lines of what Sanders proposes will die a quick death in many state capitols.

    Right. States are cutting subsidies to state schools which is one of the contributors to rising tuition costs, as the student has to cover the shortfall. Administrations bloated with parasitic bureaucrats and inept administrators is the prefect setting for cronyism and subpar productivity.

    The solution is simple - bring back slavery. The Romans and their children benefitted greatly from the service of an educated slave class. And it is not as if the Roman slaves had no rights, they just had less.

  • On Sat, 30 Apr 2016, 9:03am PDT in Wall Streets latest housing scam, Blurtman said:

    Kindling is always needed to fuel the fires of capitalism.

  • On Sat, 30 Apr 2016, 8:00am PDT in Evictions soar in Alameda county, Blurtman said:

    Bring back the plantations and work farms where housing can be traded for labor. Rich white fucks can then have their choice of the young nubile residents.

    Capitalism does offer solutions!

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