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  • On 30 Jul 2014 in 5 things to know about the Social Security trust fund, Blurtman said:

    US Treasury bondholders just now realize "the money is gone." Panic ensues. News at 11.

  • On 30 Jul 2014 in And This Little Piggie Got Fined $1 Million, Blurtman said:

    Well, at least the Tan Man went to jail. Billions in fraudulent mortgages. That dude isn't getting out anytime soon.

  • On 30 Jul 2014 in Fed Buys 71% of US Treasuries! We Have to Abandon Free Market Principles...., Blurtman said:

    Zak says

    >I see. So you live in a fortress area

    Nope. Good old San Diego. Home of working class ship builders, military, working stiffs, and a few qualcomm tech workers thrown in. Here's what's really sad. I put an ad out to get some housekeeping help for my wife, as she has a neck injury and I work a lot of hours. I was getting full resumes from biotech workers with degrees in organic chemistry trying to work some extra hours as a house keeper; ok well only 1 of those, but several other professionals trying for side work.

    You guessed it.. many were trying to make a mortgage payment.

    I used to live off Moonlight Beach in Encinitas quite a while ago. Home prices there are insane. I guess LA is what folks compare the area to from a RE perspective now.

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