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  • On Tue, 19 Mar 2013, 5:26am PDT in Attention idol worshipers of Godinabook. Satan is Gods Champion., Greatest I am said:

    Right wingers, literalists and fundamental idol worshippers of the Bible and the Godinabook; listen to people who know about your true God and would lead you to him or her.

    Remember that religions live and work to maintain their existence and to keep you supporting them. They do not care about you as a spiritual entity and will not work for your enlightenment because you would realize that you do not need them. I do not promote killing the churches but only to recognize that they are not necessary and are not working for your spiritual benefits but only for their own longevity and wealth. Martin Luther recognized this and this is pure Gnostic Christian doctrine.


    In death, all of us must and will have to get past Satan. We are all purified before gaining access to the Godhead and his consciousness. Some can access the Godhead before death if they seek hard enough. Idol worshippers do not seek and will never touch the God consciousness while idol worshipping their Godinabook. You can only serve one master and you have chosen the evil one. Stop doing so and find your good God.

    If any of you are still foolish enough to think that you should read your Bibles literally, please view this clip and repent as you have definitely missed the mark.


  • On Tue, 12 Mar 2013, 2:24am PDT in Does Jesus have a soul?, Greatest I am said:

    Not really. Does Jesus, just a man, have a soul?


  • On Mon, 11 Mar 2013, 9:41pm PDT in Does Jesus have a soul?, Greatest I am said:

    Waitup says

    Let me help you guys remove the confusion.

    Jesus was a prophet just like Moses and Abraham.

    Abraham preached Oneness of God, so did Moses, and so did Jesus. Abraham or moses never said "believe in Jesus as your savior". What do you think all the prophets before Jesus preached? Discover Islam. (Ok! I'm done...Go ahead and attack)

    The O P is about souls.


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