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I pick things up, and I put them down.

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  • On 7 Sep 2014 in On the other hand..., AverageBear said:

    JH says

    17,000 is unreasonable for stocks and we know that anything that still gains in the coming months (years?) will be soon wiped out, so investing in stocks is as risky as ever. But as the anatomy of a bubble shows, the bubble spikes when the general public gets in.

    JH, I kinda disagree that we are in a 'stock bubble'.... Slightly overpriced? Sure. But if you want a REAL bubble, go back to '98-2000. THAT was a real bubble. KO trading w/ P/Es in the 30-50s! Currently KO has a P/E around 22, which is far from 'bubble prices'. I wouldn't be buying KO right now, as I usually buy it when P/E is 20 or under... But it not that big a deal if you were accumulating for the long haul... Same goes for many other blue-chip stocks.

  • On 7 Sep 2014 in On the other hand..., AverageBear said:

    If one invests in individual stocks, I really don't care what the pundits say, concerning if 'the market' is overpriced or not. The cash I have to deploy into one of my 30 holdings, will go to the ones that have the best current value. I'll hold (but not add) to those positions that are currently expensive P/E-wise....

    As a Dividend Growth Investor, I'm 'in it for the long haul' with each of my positions, because (blue-chip) dividends are WAY more stable than stock price. By selling to cash, I'm missing out on dividend payments, which would get DRIPPED into more shares.

    It's not for everyone. Those that have time (and the Maalox) to trade in and out, could make more $$, but i have neither the time, luck or Maalox to trade. I'd rather sleep well at night and pick up solid, quality companies on the dips, and increase the drips...

  • On 20 Aug 2014 in Fraying 1980s Billionaires, AverageBear said:

    Rin says

    Afterwards, when the place went into this long term Ballmer quagmire, it became a sweatshop without the setup of a startup company, long hours plus creative input from workers. That's when many of my acquaintances joined and in the end, none of them liked it nor thought it was a good place to be, for more than a couple of years because it was all about Ballmer.


    Here's the deal. You sound a little emotional and have a moral opinion or problem with MS and Ballmer. And that's OK. I have no problem with that. It sounds like you (or, your friends) were inside the MS shitstorm than I'd ever see, and know a helluva lot more of what went down.......I try not to get emotional when investing. (imagine Jack Nicholson's voice in "A Few Good Men")... "Within a successful shareholder-friendly company, you want a person like Ballmer on the line. You NEED a person like Ballmer on the line. Either way, i don't care. I'm going to keep my shareholder's happy".....

    MS turned from a high-growth startup company, and transformed into a reliable Dividend Growth (blue-chip) company. Over 30 years, and still successful in an insanely changing tech industry.

    I'm sorry Ballmer treated your friends like shit, but that's your friend's problem, not yours, mine, or the shareholders of Microsoft. Ballmer didn't turn Microsoft into a 'quagmire'. He did his job, and he did it REALLY well. Not many people can guide/transform a high-growth "startup" into a solid, reliable money-making machine; especially during some really transformative years in the tech industry no less.

    It sucks that these developers were Ballmer's bitches, but they allowed it to happen, and tolerated it to make a good buck.

    It sounds like Ballmer was a true asshole. But guess what? If you had a serious skin in the game (say a 6-7 figure investment in MS), you'd sure as shit want Ballmer running the game to make you money. Did MS fuck up some serious opportunities to continue the dominance (it has lost)? Sure. Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda-Whatever.... If you were, or are a long-term shareholder of MS, you can't hate Ballmer for growing your $$. If you do/did hate him for not making you enough $$, then you can't blame anyone else but yourself for not realzing a better opportunity cost for your dollars to work harder for you somewhere else.

    I'm positive you'll find managers like Ballmer at Apple cracking the whip both in the US, and in China to design and put those iPads and iPhones together. But if you are an Apple shareholder, don't kid yourself that it's all unicorns and rainbows for all employees of Apple, cause it's not. Same can be said for Intel, etc....

    I want to be an owner of these blue-chip, money-minting companies, and not work for one.... I'm hoping I can put in 10 more years of work, quit, and live off the dividends in my early 50s. Then I can spend time drinking beer w/ my sons, get a front row seat, and enjoy watching these clowns enjoy their 20's and 30's like I enjoyed mine.

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