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  • On 20 Dec 2014 in Why Police Raids should be illegal, The Professor said:

    FortWayne says

    If Jesus was on a ballot

    He would get crucified before election day.

  • On 20 Dec 2014 in Coin Debasement- How Low Can You Go?, The Professor said:

    Money used to mean silver and gold. When paper was issued it was backed by gold and silver. A dime was real money with which you could buy a beer or a couple of candy bars.

    Dimes and quarters are now fiat tokens. Pennies and nickels, especially nickels, are closer to face value. The mint creates these two denominations at a loss every year.

    Nickels have been the same weight and composition since 1866. They contain more than face value worth of metal and cost way more than face value to mint. It's not sustainable

    Federal reserve notes are backed by debt. Trillions of units of dollars are being produced out of thin air to pay for government programs and wars.

    It's not sustainable.

  • On 19 Dec 2014 in Another 50 Tons of Gold Delivered on the Shanghai Gold Exchange in a Week, The Professor said:

    Why would we want to hold such a fiat commodity? Don't you know it is just part of a 5,000 year old bubble? A barbaric relic from when homo sapiens was attracted to anything shiny.

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