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  • On 10 Jul 2014 in I've decided not to have kids, SoftShell said:

    Just vacation in Denver over the holidaze with a fishpump powered water bong and a high rockies mountain mamma...

    Rin says

    We're also talking ... the future here.

    We'll have android versions of Rudolph the Reindeer, Santa Claus, and the Abominable snowman.

    I'm not at all worried about being alone.

  • On 10 Jul 2014 in I've decided not to have kids, SoftShell said:

    already been through it twice...hard on the sick, hard on the kids....
    Yeah, lets all sign up to be put on life support for the greater part of a decade so we can see what bed sores and feeding tubes are all about..

    When faced with the reality of your impending demise, it is hard for one to adhere to rational thought.

    I have the utmost respect for those who make the decision to move on, through a living will, if/when they become hopelessly entrapped in a slowly dying body, before they degrade to the point where that decision is not possible.

    I also do not hold accountable those who go against their previously stated rational thought and reach out to cling to whatever little of a hell life awaits them when placed in the hopeless situation. That is just a natural response.

    From where I sit now, it's a shitload of pain for both the sick one and the surrounding family. It doesn't seem worth it for either party.

    Heraclitusstudent says

    SoftShell says

    Why put yourself and others through the horror of a long death?

    Sounds somewhat selfish to me....

    We'll see how you do it when your time comes.

  • On 10 Jul 2014 in I've decided not to have kids, SoftShell said:

    With the left funded war on xmas gaining steam, this should not be a concern for future generations.

    Strategist says

    A day may come when you are sitting alone in an armchair, it is Xmas, and your neighbors and friends are with their families celebrating the holidays.

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