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  • On Sat, 14 Dec 2013, 12:48am PST in Anyone has experience with suing former landlord for return of deposit?, exflirt said:

    I've been enjoying reading your saga.

    While this was a lot of work for you and a horrible landlord experience, please note your good fortune to live in an area that *generally* does not put up with bullshit from landlords. Not many areas provide a balanced arena to the tenant.

    Also, I know many people would have decided this process was too much work and let the whole thing go. I, however, am of the opinion that doing that is the reason that so many people screw over others - because frequently no one, including the victims, decide to hold them accountable. It's just too much work. On principle alone, I usually decide to pursue justice when there is a process that allows me to, even if it costs me in various ways. My hope is that it will have some sort of positive ripple effect.

    I can't wait to read your post declaring that you have the money in your bank account.

  • On Fri, 9 Aug 2013, 6:41am PDT in Why Do You Hate Whole Foods?, exflirt said:

    The tiny pencil is usually the one DRIVING the huge Range Rover.

    control point says

    I don't like people who shop at Whole Foods because they think they are better than me.

    And I'm afraid they might be right.

    My tiny pencil is intimidated by their huge Range Rover.

    Hey, what's wrong with those?!?

    Ceffer says

    female vegans with implants

  • On Fri, 19 Jul 2013, 7:47am PDT in Pretty big budget cut thanks to Patnet... Other ideas?, exflirt said:

    zzyzzx says

    exflirt says

    As far as DVR, yeah, I like DVR, but you pay extra for that on top of what you already pay for service.

    Only if you use a cable company supplied DVR or Tivo, or something similar like that. I have a Phillips/Magnavox DVR that works off an antenna. No monthly fee involved. It's just like a VCR except no tapes!

    That's a fantastic idea, I'll have to look into that when I eventually get in a house and can do what I want with antennas!

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